Gaur Gopal Das – Fill Your Cup

Beloved personal coach, monk and motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das shares a profoundly simple spiritual insight into the nature of envy.


What do you think?

Silver cup. Steel cup. Glass cup and plastic cup.

Let me try the silver cup feeling. Wow.

Incredible day.

Does the taste of coconut water change based on the cup that holds it?

Ladies and gentlemen, see the fallacy of material civilization. Look at the fallacy of material civilization, that we equate the contentment of our life with the cup that holds it.

We think, if we have a better cup, the taste of life would be better. And is it any better? Is it any better? With people who have all that we dream for, they have it. A silver cup. And is the taste of life any better than anyone else? And some have a steel cup.

Does the area you live in change the quality of your life? Does the kind of home you live in change the quality of your life? Does the phone you speak on change the quality of your life? Does the car you drive change the quality of your life?

I don’t think so.

The quality, the taste of life doesn’t change based on the container. And then it doesn’t matter whether we have a glass cup, a steel cup, a silver cup or a plastic cup. For all of us based on our particular situation, the cups are going to be different.

Don’t compare your cups. Don’t compare your cups.

We’re all studying in certain universities, have already finished our work, we’re getting something, and we probably have a certain socio-economic status now. This is all nothing but the cup!

And unfortunately we’ve started thinking that, if I have a silver cup, tastes will be different.

The taste of life doesn’t depend on the cup that holds it.