George R. R. Martin – Make The Right Choices

George R.R Martin gives an interview and speaks about the good and evil that is present in our lives and how the choices we make are always reflective to this binary ethical truth.


Very few people get up in the morning and say, “Oh, I’m evil. What evil can I do today?” I’m gonna cover the world with darkness and my legions of evil will rule all.”That’s silly. The greatest monsters of history, as we look back on them, thought they were the heroes of the story. The villain is the hero of the other side, as sometimes said. That doesn’t mean that it’s all morally relative. That doesn’t mean that all things are equally good and evil. I think there is good and there is evil in the world, but I regard the struggle between good and evil as being waged within the individual human heart. It’s not waged as fantasy would have it where a character called the Dark Lord gathers all the evil people together and puts them in black clothing and they’re evil because they’re really ugly and all the good people are handsome and they wear white and they meet on a big battlefield.

In the real world, good and evil are not that complex. We’ve all done good things in our lives, and most of us have also done selfish things, cowardly things, things that we’re ashamed of in later years. All of us have it within ourselves to be heroes. All of us have it within ourselves to be villains. It’s sometimes a struggle to tell one from the other and to make the right choices.