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Goalcast Expands Into Production of Original Content
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Goalcast Expands Into Production of Original Content

Goalcast, the worlds leading empowering media company, today announced its much anticipated expansion into the production of original content.

World’s leading empowering media company calls upon creative community to produce original short films and documentaries

Goalcast, the world’s leading empowering media company, today announced its much anticipated expansion into the production of original content. The media landscape has been shifting over the last few years from the big screen to consumers’ screens, a trend that has been accelerated due to COVID-19. The world has quickly adapted and shown a great preference for short-form content available online and via social media, which bodes well for Goalcast which has a global social reach of over 32 million people.

Not only is the format changing, the type of content being consumed is also evolving. Today’s viewers seek meaning in the content they engage with. Beyond wanting to be entertained, the modern viewer wants to feel connected to the content they consume and are looking for stories that inspire them.

Salim Sader, co-founder and Chief Content Officer, shared, “Over the last four years, we have become very familiar with our audience, their preferences and the increasing desire for meaningful content. We are in a really unique position to create a different kind of studio that offers high quality and high impact content. Our videos showcase stories of strength and perseverance. They don’t just inspire, they propel viewers into action. We are putting our audience in the driver’s seat of their lives and we are revolutionizing media.” 

With the success of several original productions over the course of the last year, coupled with its impressive growth, Goalcast CEO and co-founder Cyrus Gorjipour is confident that the timing of this expansion could not be better. He shared, “This has been part of our plan since the inception of Goalcast. It is a pivotal moment for us to be investing both in the development of original content and in the all-star people who will bring it to life. We have always been committed to delivering the best empowering content to our audience and we are excited to now be in a position to create it.”

As part of its commitment to this vertical, Goalcast has brought on award-winning producer Adam Reid as the Head of Production to lead the growth of the department and align the company with top talent. As a two-time "Telly Award Winner" and experienced producer, Reid brings an incalculable level of expertise and knowledge to the team. He commented, “It is with great excitement that I embark on this new journey and bring my years of expertise both in front and behind the camera as head of production for Goalcast Originals. This is where media is headed, it's incredible to be at the forefront of this shift and have the opportunity to bring the industry's best creatives along for the ride. Those who join us will be making history."

The company’s focus on creating exclusive content presents an incredible opportunity for ambitious and talented creators. Goalcast was recently announced as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada and with plans to grow its team by 50% by the end of Q1, now is the time to join its team and help change the world. Visit Goalcast’s career page to learn more about its open positions.

About Goalcast

Goalcast is the world’s leading empowering media company specializing in producing and distributing transformative content which includes speeches, short documentaries and original short films. With a growing global community of over 32 million people and a monthly viewership of over 500 million, Goalcast is dedicated to helping each person live the impossible.

Media Contact:

Samantha Kris

Head of Marketing

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