Grant Cardone – Go All the Way

Author, entrepreneur, and sales savant, Grant Cardone, breaks down the power of his 10X Rule and how you can use it to multiply your success.


He took that .45 caliber and jammed it in my face, cracked me right here in the forehead. This guy had to be this big. Hovered over me with a gun in my face. And when he did, my reaction was to him with a plate in the face. The thing break and he becomes a monster. Blood is coming down. Every wall in this apartment, in this room, and the ceiling has blood on it. This was the exclamation mark on where my life had gone; from being a good kid to this far from dying.

I spent three days in the hospital, and I’m like, “I’m done. No more drugs. I’m done using drugs.” Guess what happens? I’m using drugs 15 minutes later, 10 times a day, in the hospital. My mom says to me, “You’re no longer welcome in my home. You’re no longer welcome in my business. I don’t wanna see you anymore.” 24 hours later, I was in a treatment center because my mom had the courage to say, “Enough is enough. I’m done.”

I go to this treatment center. I’m there 30 days. For the first 30 days in seven, eight, nine years, I don’t use drugs. And before I leave, the counselor grabs me and the counselor says to me, “Look dude, I’ll see you back here. If you don’t die, I’ll see you back here.” And I’m like, “What are you talking about, dude? I’m not coming back here.” And he’s like, “Oh no, you’re coming back. All you’re ever gonna be is a drug addict. You need to give up all the ideas of writing books, speaking to audiences, being rich. I always wanted to be rich. I wanted financially to be rich my whole life. I wanted to be my dad. I wanted to be the guy that could take care of his family. He said, “You need to give up all those ideas and settle for one thing. Not using drugs.”

25 years old, moved back into my mom’s house. Tell my mom, “Let me live back in the house. I’m coming back. I’m not using drugs. I’m gonna rebuild my life.” From that day on at 25, I made some commitments. Number one was I cannot afford free time. Every time I had free time, I got in trouble. So I knew I had to, one, eliminate the old bad friends. Two, I had to keep all free time busy.

And I said, “What are you good at, Grant?” And I’m like, “What are you good at? What are you really good at?” And I’m like, “I’m good at going all the way.” ‘Cause even with the drugs, I was an all-the-way kind of guy. I need to 10X everything. Like 10 was that number. My dad died when I was 10. I was using drugs 10 times a day. I was trying to quite 10 times a day. I’m like, “You gotta start liking something, man. And more importantly, you gotta get good at something.”

So I said, “I’m gonna take the job that I don’t like and I’m gonna get great at it.” It was a sales job that I hated. Every day, I would go to work early, I’d stay late. I was doing 10 hour days, at least 10 hours. If I needed to make one call, I would make 10. If I needed to see one customer, if I thought I needed to see one customer, I would fill it up with 10 customers. Whatever I thought I needed to do, I literally took this drug problem and poured this obsession with destruction into an obsession with, “I’m gonna just 10 times everything and keep myself busy.”

I studied everything. I became a fanatic. Some therapists, some psychiatrists are gonna say, “Oh, this dude’s got ADD.” I’ve already been told that. Please. I’ve had every label that the psychs put in books, I’ve been labeled that. Look, I never had any of those problems. I had potential that was being unused.

So I wake up early, I get a workout in, and I get to the office. When I get to the office, a calendar is laid out. And I need to see every 30 minutes, something filled in that calendar. And then I’ll let you worry about me burning out. ‘Cause that’s what I’ll hear next. The counselor back in the treatment center said to me, “Dude, aren’t you worried about …” ‘Cause he’s seen my success now. And he’s like, “Aren’t you worried about burning out?” I’m like, “Dude, you’re the burnout, bro. You’re the burnout. You’re the one that said I was gonna come back. You’re the one that said I would never make it. You’re the one that said don’t write books.” I’ve written seven of them, man. I’m not worried about burning out.

I am not a candle. Candles burn out. Spiritual beings don’t. My message to you is that you’re not doing enough. If you could do it once or twice, then you can do it 20 times. Just multiply. And I hear a lot of people say, “When is enough enough?” Those of you who ask that question, “When is enough enough,” maybe you haven’t had enough failures. Because if you get disappointed and disgusted enough with your life, you will not ask, “When is enough success enough?” I wanna give people permission to be complete addicts, junkies, obsessed, maniacs, all-in freakazoids that do everything 10 times more than you think you need to.

And I wanna see how hot can I burn. How far can I go? How much light can I bring the world? How much positive truth message can I bring this planet? How much more can I do?