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Husband Cleans Grimy Tub - Wife Explains Exactly Why It's The Most Romantic Gesture
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Husband Cleans Grimy Tub - Wife Explains Exactly Why It's The Most Romantic Gesture

One husband who went to incredible lengths to help his sick wife heal shows the true challenges and rewards of a loving relationship.

Pain points

We know that women can have unique pains and challenges. One woman shared hers online, recounting her battle with endometriosis.

According to the Mayo clinic, it's a condition defined by abnormal uterine tissue growth that "can cause pain — sometimes severe — especially during menstrual periods” and “fertility problems also may develop."

Or, as the woman put it "I ended up crying in bed around 3 AM because it felt like I was getting stabbed in the stomach."

Heroic hubby

That's when the woman says her husband swooped in to save the day. After texting to see what she needed, he brought her heating pads for the pain.

Despite his "physically demanding job' as a commercial electrician," he was just getting started. 

"He immediately made me a snack with cheese and crackers and then went to town cleaning our tub. I mean cleaning. He scrubbed every jet, took off the filter, and made it sparkle and shine. "

"He filled the tub with muscle relieving bath goodness he'd just bought, set the jets running, and brought me my favorite wine and chocolate after I settled in (along with "just shout out any time you want more wine.")"

- Woman posting online

While she was soaking, her husband was working doubles for his darling.

"As I sit here soaking, he's now cleaning the kitchen and said he'd prepare dinner after. He got lotion for a massage, a hot pad for my stomach, and said we can watch trashy TV or play Breath of the Wild tonight while I relax in my pyjamas."

Overwhelmed by love, the woman says "I have never, in my life, felt more cherished or protected," and signing off with " I love you, Ry."

The precious post gathered over 23,000 upvotes along with over 1,200 comments from awestruck readers.

Predictably, many applauded her husband.

Unnamed 2
Unnamed 3

Still others commended the woman for knowing how to pick 'em.

Unnamed 4 1

Another commenter felt that thoughtful acts like her husband's should be encouraged more.

Unnamed 1 1

Love is in the work

The woman says that the entire experience is what this little thing called love is all about.

People say marriage is where the romance ends or that relationships become stagnant, but it really is the best thing in the world to be married to your closest friend--particularly when they make sure to show you that you matter.

We all get swayed by portrayals of love as sweet, sublime with feel-good filters 24/7. However, like many situations in life, the beauty is also in the struggle, as challenges can often reveal just how lucky you are and bring you closer.

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