Lady Gaga – Earn It

Lady Gaga talks about the importance of earning your success through hard work and passion, and urges girls to value their ideas over their bodies.


Taking photos of their ass on Instagram for attention, and that this is what art is, and it’s not. It’s also not what music is. It’s now what showbiz is about at all, and I don’t have to do those things to earn it.

“Hard work.”

Hard work and discipline and rehearsal, and that’s always the most thrilling way to earn applause, and everything that you’ve seen me do, I’ve always rehearsed a lot for it, so there’s a lot of passion that goes behind it. I want to feed the passion and the creativity of my fans. I want them to know that their ideas are valuable. I want them to know that they can penetrate society. Maybe coming from a girl, it’s like, you know, it sounds naughty or crass, or maybe I sound conceited, but I want my fans to know that you can be a female, and you can make pop music and you can be an artist. You don’t have to be embarrassed about being smart. You can be all of those things.”