No child should ever have to go through this.

When little Lupito walked into a store in his hometown of Durango, Mexico, he wasn’t there to buy something. Rather, he was hoping to sell something.

His one and only toy — a dirty white and green soccer ball.

Lupito’s father left years ago, leaving his single mother to raise him and his older brother on her own. Unemployed, she had been struggling to put food on the table.

Lupito desperately wanted to help. So, the little boy, who looks to be about 5 years old, decided to do the only thing he could think of.

Not surprisingly, the store wasn’t buying, but luckily for Lupito, someone was about to come along who would make all the difference.

Ruben Cervantes, who works with Héroes Sin Capa (Heroes without Capes), an organization supporting low-income children, just happened to be in the neighborhood when he noticed Lupito.

He recorded what happened next and shared their interaction on TikTok. Grab the tissues, you’ll need them.

The Heartbreaking Video of the Boy With the Sad Eyes


cuando conoci a lupito Parte 1 Únete para seguir adelante #RubenCerquinz

♬ A Thousand Years – Instrumental – Bluewater Kings Band

Since being posted, the gutwrenching video has gone viral with over 19M views, 1M reactions, and 17K comments. With the haunting notes of “A Thousand Years” playing in the background, Lupito explains what he’s doing outside of the store.

“I want to sell the ball to help my mom,” he tells Cervantes.

Cervantes asks how much he wants for the ball. But it’s not money that Lupito is looking for, it’s food to feed his hungry family. “I don’t want money,” Lupito replies. “I want milk and bread.”

This little boy, who should be out, having fun, playing with his ball, is instead, bearing the weight of his world on his thin shoulders. It’s a burden no child should ever have to bear.

Thankfully, he no longer has to bear it alone. Cervantes, moved by the boy’s plight, tells Lupito that he’ll buy his ball. Upon hearing the news, Lupito’s face lights up and he gives him a huge hug.

Cervantes is true to his word, and then some. The video shows him filling up a box with food, including bread, eggs, and fruit, toilet paper, money, and a little surprise for Lupito — a new soccer ball. He leaves the box and a bag outside Lupito’s house.

A follow-up video shows Lupito’s mother opening the door and finding the groceries, along with a note that reads: “Do not lose faith, continue to carry a little hope.”

A Little Boy’s Sacrifice Turned Into an Inspiring Story of Hope

Lupito’s story has touched the hearts of people around the world. Thousands took to the comments to share their love and support for this little boy. Many also shared the sentiment, “no child should have to go through this.”

The sad reality is that millions of children all over the world live in poverty. Lupito’s circumstances are not unique. However, what started out as a heartwrenching tale of sacrifice ended up as an inspiring story of hope.

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One little boy was willing to give up everything he had just to help his mother and brother. It was an act of pure love. And his incredible selflessness was rewarded. Thanks to the actions of a good samaritan, Lupito was able to feed his family. But Cervantes didn’t just provide Lupito with food, he gave him something even more precious — hope.

Cervantes’s compassion for others completely changed the narrative for one little boy and his family. And in the process, he proved that all it takes is one small gesture to make a world of difference.