One son returned the love and care in a major way, years after his adopted parents took him in.

When Jayvee Lazaro Badile II was adopted at 3 months old, the couple that adopted him, Nanay and Tatay, didn’t have much.

Nanay, a vendor, and Tatay, a porter, raised their son in a very humble home with one bathroom and a metal roof that looked like it could cave in at any moment.

But they raised their adopted son well and gave him all the love and care he could ever ask for.

Now that Lazaro Badile II’s grown up, he wanted to do something special for them. So he bought them a house.

A huge thank you

In a Facebook post, Lazaro Badile II announced that he wanted to celebrate his mother’s 67th birthday in style: by buying them a gorgeous new home all paid for in cash.

“When Nanay and Tatay adopted me, it wasn’t a good life,” the post read. “Now that I have the chance to give back to them, I will make sure they will live their dreams better than what they could ever imagine.”

The new house has three floors with 7 bedrooms, 4 toilets, and separate shower rooms.

These are exactly what I dreamt of for my foster family.

Jayvee Lazaro Badile II

But that’s not all. Lazaro Badile II also takes them on family vacations around the world.

Money can’t buy gratitude

What this story shows is that there’s more to being a good parent than buying your kid the latest iPad or putting them in the best summer camps. As the old saying goes, money can’t buy happiness — and it can’t buy appreciation from your kids either. What can, however, is true love and compassion, which is clearly what Nanay and Tatay showed Jayvee.

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