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Man Finds Out His Mom Secretly Disappears Every Christmas Eve - After She Passes Away, a Letter Revealing the Mystery Arrives
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Man Finds Out His Mom Secretly Disappears Every Christmas Eve - After She Passes Away, a Letter Revealing the Mystery Arrives

The holiday season is such a magical time. However, in the weeks ramping up to Christmas, it's no secret that things can get a little crazy — especially if you work in retail.

Even though we swear every year we're going to get all our shopping done before December hits, most of us find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to tie it all together. God bless Homesense!

But all the craziness is worth it when the special day arrives and we get to put the wrapping paper down and spend quality time with our loved ones. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions look different in every household, but for this one family? Christmas Eve came with the strangest tradition of all. Every year, on Christmas Eve, their mother would vanish without explanation.

Years later after her passing, her son discovered just what she'd been hiding.

She Would Vanish For Hours On End on Christmas Eve

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Sue Dorroh / YouTube

Sue Dorroh was the best mother, according to her son John Dorroh, 68. She was loving, considerate, and most of all, prepared. The kind of mother whose handbag doubled as a survival kit. Snacks, tissues, water; a flare gun to signal for help if stranded on a desert island!

In fact, Sue was the kind of prepared most of us could only dream of being. While most holiday preppers tend to spring for Black Friday deals in order to get all their shopping done, Sue had a whole different strategy. This one mother knew her kids so well she would get their Christmas gifts in August!

Which is why her son was suspicious when every year his organized and reliable mother would rush out the door on Christmas Eve. Without fail, Sue would would disappear in a flurry for several longs hours — without so much as an explanation.

By the time she got back, amidst the holiday commotion her absence got swept under the rug. Until next year. One Christmas Eve, when his mother had disappeared as she always did, a young John even ventured to ask his father where it was she always went.

"I don't know. Probably shopping," John's father offered up dismissively. But John knew his mother better than that. When John protested, pointing out his mother always got her Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving (like, way before) his father would casually shut down the conversation. "Maybe she forgot a few things," he'd say, before finding busy work to do. Leaving John scratching his head, until eventually he'd forget about the whole thing...that is, until the next year came around.

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ReminisceReminisce/ Vintage Holiday Photo

Eventually John grew up and as life got busier and time moved faster, John's mother tragically passed away. That first Christmas Eve without her John would have traded anything to see her rushing out that door, because even though her whereabouts may have forever remained a mystery...his mother always came back. This year was different.

After Sue passed away she left her family heartbroken and without much Christmas cheer. The holidays weren't the same without her. Then, an unexpected letter showed up at the front door.

It's contents explained it all.

A Mystery Letter Arrived on Christmas Eve — And It Wasn’t From Santa

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Handwritten by Maria / Facebook

It was from a former co-worker of Sue's. After decades of wondering just where his mother took off to, his questions would finally be answered. John discovered the secret his mother had been keeping...a special relationship with a whole other family.

“Dear Johnny,

I just wanted you to know how much my family and I appreciate what your mother has done for us for all of these years. Every year on Christmas Eve day your mom comes to my house dressed like Mrs. Claus and gives my kids a Christmas that we can’t afford to give them. She has given them shoes, shirts, jeans, toys, and candy.

I know your heart is heavy and that you are missing Miss Sue. We do, too. We loved her and just wanted you to know what she has done for us.

Love, Robert and Nellie and the kids.”

Despite his mother's painful passing, this heartwarming letter reminded John that her spirit was more alive than ever.

Sue and her former co-worker became friends during shifts at their factory job, manufacturing toilet lids in an assembly line. Robert, had very little money to spare during the holiday season and without having enough money for toys, this hardworking father didn't know how to make Christmas special for his kids. That's when Sue stepped in with her bright idea — and thus a magical holiday tradition was born.

Every Christmas Eve Sue would dress up as Mrs. Claus and bring Robert and his family all kinds of gifts, toys, and clothing to spread the holiday cheer. It was a small sacrifice she made every year but in leaving her family for a few hours — Sue was able to make a powerful impact in another family's life. Even after her passing, they never forgot her generosity. Not only with both family's carry those special memories forever but John took extra care to share Sue's story and honor her memory in a special edition of Chicken Soup For The Soul.

Do Good Deeds With Intention, Not for Attention

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Florida Memory / Flickr

In a world where social media often amplifies our need for validation, it's tempting to post everything we do. Sue's story is a gentle reminder that the impact of our actions extends far beyond the likes and shares.

Sure, secrets aren't always as fun as praise. However, Sue's Christmas Eve tradition teaches us a profound lesson. Sometimes, performing acts of kindness quietly, without seeking acknowledgment or applause, becomes the most meaningful way to make a difference.

Sue's intentional and anonymous generosity reminds us that the true spirit of giving lies in the joy it brings to others, not in the spotlight it places on the giver.

As we navigate the holidays and beyond, may we strive to do good deeds with genuine intention, not for attention. We ma even discover the profound satisfaction that comes from making a difference in someone's life, even if it remains a secret. After all, sharing kindness selflessly makes its magic most potent, leaving a lasting impact that's more memorable than any applause or recognition.

Good deeds speak louder when done from the heart.

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