When Steve Jobs was 12, he called up Bill Hewlett, co-founder of HP and said: “Hi, I’m Steve Jobs. I’m 12 years old. I’m a student in high school. I want to build a frequency counter, and I was wondering if you have any spare parts I could have.”

Jobs ended up getting awarded with a summer job, which inspired one of his most important lessons in life: Just ask.

“I’ve never found anybody that didn’t want to help me if I asked them for help,” said Jobs in a 1994 interview.

This story involving a traveler, hotels and Godzilla proves that Jobs’ lesson holds just as true in 2018.

Patrick Feary travels around the world for work, but he doesn’t beg hotels for luxury perks. Rather, he asks for one very specific thing: “a unique drawing of Godzilla.”

Feary, a communications strategist for a hotel startup called Hotelchamp, told Business Insider he’s made about 20 of these requests and received some interesting drawings.

For one hotel in Australia, he asked: “Totally optional but if you felt like including a drawing of Godzilla in my hotel room then it would really make me feel at home.”

And here’s what he got back:



In Big Sur, California, he asked for something more specifically related to the hotel’s location.

“If you’re bored, a drawing of a surfing Godzilla would really welcome us to California,” he said. “Completely optional though — we will still have a great time if you don’t feel like it or don’t have time though!”



He went even further with a Hilton in Massachusetts:

“If possible, and totally no issue if not, it would make me feel so much more at home if there was a drawing in my room of Godzilla firing a bow and arrow at an apple on top of the head of a smaller Godzilla, William Tell-style,” he wrote to the hotel. “Obviously I don’t expect this you to fulfill this request but I will be super impressed if you even just have a go.”

Here’s what he got from the hotel, in addition to some gifts:





Here’s how that last one made Feary feel, according to BI:

“This one was pretty above and beyond — both because it was one of the most complicated requests I’ve made and Hilton also gave us a complimentary fruit bowl and bottle of wine with this. They even wrote us a card that said ‘hope(s) Godzilla has a good aim!'”

So you see, you really never know what you’ll get if you ask, as Steve Jobs knew. (Check out more of Jobs’ life lessons). This is something that doesn’t only apply to travel, but also with pretty much anything in life.