“You have today.”

Do you want to get healthier?

Are you looking for that inner motivation to start developing better habits that might help you get leaner, sleep better, or feel better about yourself?

You can get there. And it all starts today.

That’s the lesson one man who lost 285 pounds is trying to share.

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For Dustin Silas Brown, motivation didn’t come until he suffered a tragic loss, and even then it didn’t last — until he found that the only way to truly stay motivated is to approach goals one small step at a time

How One Father’s Dying Wish Saved his Son’s Life

Brown was sitting with his father in 2004 when his dad, who was dying of cancer, made a dying wish.

He begged his son to get healthy.

Brown, who was extremely overweight and plagued by a series of health issues due to this condition, knew he had to fulfill his father’s dying wish.

Despite this, he still had an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, binging at night and living to extremes. Every year, he would tell himself that he would clean up his act on January 1, and every year he was back to binge eating on January 2. It was a vicious cycle. Then, he heard his father’s voice in his head and he knew it was time.

So, he jumped head-first into weight loss.

Employing all of the tricks in the book, Dustin was able to lose over 250 lbs– and quickly! Then, when the stress of everyday life caught up to him, he gained the weight back as quickly as he had lost it.

Dustin was devastated and humiliated– but he saw the light at the end of the tunnel

Dustin was demoralized after gaining the weight back, but the promise he had made to his father still lingered in the back of his head. He asked himself how he could do it again when he had failed so completely the first time around. He knew the answer.

“One step at a time. One day at a time. Forgiving myself and most importantly, never giving up.”

Now, he makes it his mission to help others

Dustin has maintained a 285 lb weight loss for over 15 years now, and he credits his success to his slow and steady approach. Dustin has been touting this message, even appearing on the Rachel Ray show to talk about his journey. He inspires people every day through his TikTok and Instagram content, reminding them that there is no step too small– as long as that step is in the right direction! 

Each and every time you make a loving decision to take care of your own body, you are one step closer to a healthier version of yourself.

And it all starts today.