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Pierce Brosnan's Wife Was Body-Shamed by Trolls - His Response Will Melt Your Heart

Pierce Brosnan's Wife Was Body-Shamed by Trolls - His Response Will Melt Your Heart

Pierce Brosnan's defense of his love for his wife Keely Shaye Smith prompts us to think more deeply about societal expectations.

We’ve become accustomed to certain archetypes of Hollywood relationships. There’s the young, adorable couple that doesn't mind splashing a blossoming love story across social media. There are the co-stars who engage in clandestine onset flings amid infidelity suspicions. And then there is the older man who proudly romances a woman half his age. Most people expected Pierce Brosnan to fall into the latter category, just like many of his peers. Although the Irish actor fits the bill, he subverted these assumptions in a striking, unapologetic fashion. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith have been happily married for 20 years.

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Their journey has been as lovely and passionate as one can imagine. However, Keely has been the target of vicious hate in recent years for an absolutely unjustified, unacceptable reason. Thankfully, the James Bond star wouldn’t have it. He didn’t hesitate to come to his wife’s defense, and shower her with love in front of the judgmental public. Here’s what we can learn from his actions.

Pierce Brosnan's Wife Keely Came Into His Life at Just the Right Time

Brosnan wedding 1024x576
Keely and Pierce Brosnan on their wedding day in 1994 (Photo: Instagram)

The actor, who rose to fame as TV's Remington Steele, was a widower in 1994 when he met journalist Keely Shaye Smith. His first wife, Cassandra Harris, sadly died in December 1991 from ovarian cancer. Understandably, Pierce didn’t know how he could begin to cope with her loss. Not only was he now caring for their son, Sean, but he was also raising Cassandra's children, Christopher and Charlotte. He adopted the two after their father, Dermot Harris, died. It was a demanding period for Pierce. His career may have been blossoming, but single fatherhood was no walk in the park. In addition, his oldest child, Christopher, had developed an alcohol addiction.

Keely arrived in his life at just the right time. Reflecting on their first meeting, Pierce wrote on Instagram, "Twenty-eight years ago this day, April 8th, 1994, we met in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico." Keely had been in Cabo to interview Cheers star Ted Danson. However, when the interview fell through, Keely instead mingled with party attendees. That's when she crossed paths with Pierce, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking to People in 2021, Keely recalled the moment enthusiastically. "He was captivating," she said. His "tall, dark and handsome" features captured her right away, and the two connected immediately. Three days later, they had their first date, which was so enthralling that they stayed up talking until 3 a.m.

Pierce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith Wed in 2001

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During the first couple of years, they couldn't bear to spend time apart. "Wherever I went in the world I missed her, and I’d send her tickets to come so we could be together," Pierce told People. "We just seemed to fit."

He also credits Keely for bringing him grace and strength at a time when he was running low on both. He was disillusioned and overwhelmed by his career. Keely's arrival stabilized Pierce, enabling him to slow down and focus on the here and the now. He also said Keely encourages him to mourn his first wife, Cassandra, as much as much as possible. Pierce referred to Keely as his "North Star," who is always "looking out for him."

It was only a matter of time until they made things official. The couple exchanged vows in 2001 in Ireland, and welcomed sons Dylan and Paris in 1997 and 2001, respectively. It’s been a wonderful three decades for the James Bond star and wife Keely Shaye Smith, and their passion only seems to deepen.

I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if I searched a million times over would I find one as good.


Through her support, Pierce was able to step up and undertake the challenging but rewarding responsibilities associated with fatherhood. On Aug. 5, 2021, Pierce wrote a wonderful anniversary tribute to his wife. “Happy anniversary my darling Keely, my love forever grows with you,” he wrote in the Instagram post, which was accompanied by two photos of the couple, taken 20 years apart. The images captured the heartwarming evolution of their romance. 

Why Pierce Brosnan Had to Fire Back At Critics for His Wife

Brosnan2 1024x576
The photos Pierce Brosnan shared in 2021 to celebrate his and Keely's anniversary (Screenshot: Instagram)

There’s no reason for the public to say anything less than positive about the couple. They nevertheless found a way. The rancor was directed at Keely's appearance -- particularly her weight. For some reason, there was almost a feeling of shock and disgust. How dare Pierce settle down with someone age-appropriate and human-shaped? Someone who is not size-zero? If he has all of that money and influence, why is he tying himself to a seemingly ordinary woman?

As Pierce stated, it wasn't only your run-of-the-mill keyboard warriors who ripped into Keely for her body. Close friends and family joined in on the derision. "Friends offered her surgery to reduce her weight," he said. In his eyes, Keely is the most beautiful woman in the world, not just in terms of physical appearance, but also because she's the maternal force keeping the family grounded, raising their five children with the utmost care and devotion. The love Keely showers upon Pierce is so potent that it doesn't matter how the outside world perceives.

Friends offered her surgery to reduce her weight. But I strongly love every curve of her body.. She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. And also because she had our five children. 


Pierce Brosnan's Love for His Wife Goes Beyond Beauty

People forget you’re allowed to gain weight and defy conventional beauty standards. Your entire world doesn’t have to revolve around whether you fit the mold and if you’re able to squeeze yourself into a specific size. As you get older, other areas become your priorities, and you don’t necessarily need external validation to provide you with confidence and self-belief.

Pierce himself made it clear he appreciates Keely for who she is and not what she looks like. When you decide to commit to someone, you agree to evolve with them and adapt your outlook to their changes. If love were a one-and-done deal, we wouldn’t have spent millennia trying to unpack its complexities. 

Pierce loves her curves and her imperfections, and he doesn’t care in the least bit if some random folks on the internet are griping about her body, a stranger’s body they have nothing to do with. 

In fact, the Mamma Mia actor went above and beyond, to share that he’s always fancied Keely for her personality and kind heart. “In the past, I truly loved her for her person, not only for her beauty, and now I’m loving her even more that she is my children’s mother, and I am very proud of her, and I always seek to be worthy of her love,” he said on Hollywood Star

Pierce's Thoughtful Response Says Volumes About Unconditional Love

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In one sense, Pierce shouldn’t even dignify the hateful sentiment with a response, much less justify why he still desires her 20 years on. On the other hand, it’s adorable to see an older couple express their love and fondness for each other. Moreover, it’s so common for older Hollywood actors to hook up with young, appealing women 30 or so years younger that it’s kind of oddly defiant of Pierce to stick with the same woman and maintain the affection.

It once again speaks to the expectations women have to endure in terms of body and beauty. They can’t afford to "let themselves go" at any point, and must always look more attractive than their male counterparts if they want to "deserve" romance. If they veer off the norm at any instance, they’re basically permitting the men to drop them like they’re a disposal object and pursue other women as they please. 

Pierce places his wife on a pedestal not for her perceived beauty, but for the role she’s played in his life. She lifted him from despair, and allowed him to flourish and find his footing in a world so full of misery and resentment. No wonder Pierce doesn't hesitate in boldly declaring his love for Keely over social media time and again. On Aug. 5, 2022, he posted their wedding photo, writing, "We danced that night and still dance the dance today. I could do it all again."

The actor, who next stars opposite Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam, is fully aware that appearances and physical attraction can only mean so much as you get older. Once the responsibilities pile up, you'd rather have someone reliable by your side.

What Pierce Brosnan and Keely's Story Tells Us About Love

Pierce and Keely are devoted to one another. They pay little mind to what others have to say about them. As you get older, you realize it’s not the vain ideals that allow romantic passion to thrive. It’s the intellectual, emotional connection that establishes attraction and desire. You’re with someone not just for how they excite you in a physical sense; you’re with them because they are essentially a part of you, and you wouldn’t want to have anyone else’s company. That doesn’t mean there's no longer infatuation. It's simply means you value them for more than their body and the materialistic notions of beauty. 

Pierce’s dedication to Keely demonstrates how you don’t have to worry about outsider opinions. As long as you continue to hold your partner in high esteem and are willing to overcome the most minute "imperfections," you’ll be able to find lasting fulfillment. Those opinions don’t have to change a thing and only serve to remind you that your love is superior to these shallow conversations that fluctuate with the tides. 

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