Rogersville police officer Tyler Dison runs into a burning building to save the life of a toddler trapped inside.

*Featured image contains photo by Simon Berger

When you have no other options, sometimes you have to face your fears head-on. Recently, one young police officer put himself in a dangerous situation to save a 3-year-old boy.

How One Police Officer’s Quick-Thinking Saved a Child

house on fire
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Tyler Dison, a 24-year-old police officer in Rogersville was wrapping up his shift early Sunday morning. He received word that there was an apartment fire nearby with “possible entrapment of a child”. 

Tyler rushed to the scene as quickly as he could. When he arrived at the scene he met a woman outside who was screaming, “My baby’s inside!” The young police officer had no time to think, just act. With no protective equipment, he rushed into the building to try and save the toddler.

“On this far side flames were shooting out of this window,” Tyler said. “Heavy smoke was rolling through the rest of the windows and when I got upstairs heavy smoke was showing.” Within minutes, Tyler re-appeared but he wasn’t alone. In his arms was the 3-year-old boy. 

“If I hadn’t done something, that baby would surely have died,” Tyler mentioned. “His breathing was very shallow, he was very lethargic. He was groaning, he wasn’t really responding.” 

Tyler knew upon arriving at the scene that he had no time to call for back-up. His instincts kicked in and he ran into the fire to do all he can to help the boy. Had he waited any longer, the outcome would’ve been much different.

The boy was rushed to hospital where he was treated for burn related injuries. Tyler also sustained minor injuries. His police uniform was singed by the flames but a situation of this magnitude, Tyler’s last worry was himself. “I’m just blessed that, that baby is doing OK,” Tyler said.

How a Cop Proved the Importance of Following Instincts

Tyler began his professional career as a firefighter. He made the shift to becoming a police officer because he wanted to do more to help the community that raised him. “I grew up in this town, I want to protect it always,” he said. 

Tyler’s biggest inspiration is his older brother, who is also a Rogersville police officer. He always looked up to his brother’s heroics. “He always inspired me to do things and I just wanted to be just like him,” Tyler said. 

Although Tyler had never responded to a call with this level of urgency, his training held up. He spent the last few years preparing for a situation like this to come and he acted with intent.

Rogersville Police Chief Brian Hudson said Tyler will be honored for his heroic actions during that dangerous situation. “He did what were out here to do, protect lives, saves lives,” said Hudson. 

When Tyler started his shift, he didn’t know that he would be facing danger head-on at the end of the night. He put his fears aside and prioritized saving a young boy’s life. Because of his heroism, the boy was helped to safety and Tyler brought glory to the police force he loves so much.