When one supermom landed on Steve Harvey’s radar, the airwaves blew up in the best way.

A famed showman and comic, Steve Harvey is used to the spotlight. Yet on one episode of the show bearing his name, he took a backseat to a real star.

“The story that I’m about to share with you folks is about a real champ, Ieshia Champs,” he started. “Graduated from law school. Single mother of 5, her oldest child is 14.”

Then came his classic comedy. “She still needs to pass the bar, but hell, if I tried to do what she did, forget about passing the bar. I had to go right into the bar.”

Harvey made it clear that this story was to be continued. “Good luck with everything you do and Ieshia, you can expect a call from me shortly. I am looking for you right now!”

A Single Mother’s Sorrowful Story

Little did anyone know at the time the truly harsh details of Champs’ life.

Speaking with Yahoo, she recalled how at 7 years old, a family case worker rescued her and her siblings from a drug-filled family home with her mother. The caseworker Gail Covington’s kindness would plant the seeds for what would happen in the future.

“I cried so hard because I missed my familiar surroundings, even though they were horrible. And one day, I woke up in time for school. I actually had a bed to sleep in, and we had brand-new clothes on the floor. It was then that I realized my friends had no idea about this type of life.”

According to ABC, she said that a fire destroyed everything she owned, and she was homeless for a period of time. At one point, she’d even tried taking her own life.

She had experienced homelessness during this period of her life but never missed a beat. In fact, Champs did graduate from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law, as an assistant county attorney. And as the tassel on top, her graduation photo with her five kids went viral. 

Oh, but that was just the start of Champs making headlines.

How Steve Harvey Surprised a Mother of Five

If you know one thing about Steve Harvey, when he sets his mind on something – or someone – he usually gets it. And sure enough, he tracked down Champs and brought her on his show.

After greeting to loud applause, Harvey revealed to Champs what he had in store. No amount of studying could prepare her for this. 

“We were so impressed by your story that really inspired so many people and especially in this audience right here today we wanted to give you a graduation gift,” he started.

He was sending her and all of her kids on a five-night, six-day vacation to the Moon Palace, Jamaica, in Ocho Rios.

“You gonna experience the royal treatment world-class, accommodations, spa-treatments,” he said, adding, “You gonna be all right, girl.”

As a teary Champs hugged him, Harvey said how her kids will enjoy everything from water sports, arcades and teen clubs, as she wept tears of joy.

But like a true showman, Harvey wasn’t done yet as he gave Champs ‘a small donation’ of $10,000 ‘to kinda help you out.’

How One Strong Mom Proved the Importance of Hard Work

Champs said that she credits her little man David with helping take care of his siblings.

She now plans to specialize in family law and juvenile law, and eventually become a judge. “I feel like with what I’ve been through as a child and in my upbringing, I can probably help some of these juveniles who may feel like there’s no hope for them,” she said.

Harvey said that the recipe is simple. “If you just put some determination with it, man. Amazing things can happen.”

And just what’s Champs’ advice to others like her? “Never give up, do not give up.”

While we often think we aren’t ready for life’s challenges, keep in mind that they’re no match for the human will, just as one motivated mom.