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How Adam Sandler Saved Drew Barrymore Again

How Adam Sandler Saved Drew Barrymore Again

Growing up with no family whatsoever, Drew Barrymore desperately searched for a place to call home. But her dark past and abandonment led Drew down a tragic path, ultimately leading to a heartbreaking divorce. She was determined to close herself off for good, but Adam saw a rare and precious light inside of her. Why couldn’t Adam let Drew fight this nightmare alone? And what led Drew to face the biggest pain of her past once and for all?

Drew Barrymore's Reaction to Being  Cheated On Will Empower You

Drew Barrymore's Reaction to Being Cheated On Will Empower You

The phenomenon of cheating is as old as time itself, yet humanity still hasn’t cracked the code on preventing or coping with it. It can topple the most sweeping of love stories, threaten the most indestructible of ties, and jeopardize the most stable of families. You’d think we’d have developed a better mechanism to subdue its ramifications or identify it from the jump, yet the optimist in us prefers to turn blind to its most apparent indications. We’d rather stay in the dark than confront the betrayal and upend our entire world. Adultery is particularly challenging for the youth, who don’t have the necessary wisdom to process the experience in a healthy way. Not that adults are shining examples of showing sensibility during trying circumstances, but at least most of them have an adequate enough sense of self to help them move past the shock. Drew Barrymore, for example, has spoken out about how being cheated on shattered her world as a teenager. It took her a while to make peace with it, but when the moment arrived, she wouldn’t dare let it go. Here’s how we can follow her path:Drew felt she wasn't "good enough" for a man after getting cheated onThere’s no doubt Drew was one of the wildest teenagers Hollywood has ever seen in its 100-year history, but there lay a deep vulnerability behind her poor decision-making. As an impulsive but naïve young actress, she felt each and every emotion far more acutely than her adult peers. Every single occasion is a rollercoaster, every single relationship is ride-or-die, a breakup can be cause for severe depression, and if you don’t get what you want, you’re going to do everything in your power to reverse course. So what happens when you find out that the love of your life has been unfaithful to you? Drew told Elle she couldn’t withstand the heartbreak and therefore turned to self-loathing as a way to make sense of the shocking discovery. This particular boyfriend who she’d been with as a late teenager sent her down a spiral of shame and guilt as if it was her fault for pushing him into the arms of another woman. I remember feeling so bad about myself and I felt shame. I asked myself why I wasn't good enough and I thought the other girl must've been so great. And then I thought, what if I decided to never think this way again?Drew Barrymore to ElleThe Never Been Kissed actress blamed herself for not being “good enough” for lacking the qualities that the other woman seemingly had in spades. This type of thought process isn’t an anomaly among women; we’re conditioned to think securing a man is life’s ultimate goal. So if we fail at this purpose and let someone else walk away with our ‘prize,’ we’ll quickly be singled out in society as pariahs, some sort of disappointments who couldn’t excel at the only job assigned to us. That’s when Drew decided she needed to reframe her mindset and approach her future with a completely fresh perspective. She couldn’t afford to beat herself over someone else’s horrifying actions or absorb their guilty conscience by default. As women, it’s up to us to oust the mentality of carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, so as Drew went through the years and celebrated the milestones, she decided to transform her outlook. She decided "insecurities" weren't an option and that it's worth waiting for the right personA huge motivation for the Charlie’s Angels star was becoming a mother to her two daughters, Olive and Frankie. She doesn’t want her daughters to ever go through the same humiliating cycles of distress and self-hatred as she had in her notorious teenage years. Some level of insecurity is intrinsic to the adolescent experience —there’s no way you’ll be able to eradicate these doubts at the click of a finger, but at least Drew is trying her best to carve a path her daughters could potentially follow. Drew Barrymore with her ex-husband William KopelmanI will literally kill myself to make them learn the lesson I've learned about how insecurity is not an option [...] Instead of being insecure and jealous and suspicious and wonder if every guy is going to cheat on me again, I decided to say, "Nope. This will be totally enough for somebody one day.” Drew Barrymore to Elle You shouldn’t have to be anyone other than yourself to please a guy. In fact, if anyone requires you to change everything about yourself to fit his definition of acceptable, chances are they’ll only keep raising their demands until you crumble. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to prevent your partner from cheating on you; if they make a choice, they’re doing so of their volition. They’re aware it’s the amoral road, and the onus should be on them to explain their move and seek your forgiveness. Of course, it’s pretty natural to feel devastated. Perhaps you could have anticipated the two-timing; perhaps if you had worked hard on the relationship, it could have been strong enough to thwart off those impulses. Yet, it doesn’t matter - cheating isn’t the automatic solution to those issues. Therefore, as Drew puts it, insecurity isn’t the answer. You are who you are, and someday you’ll meet someone who’ll value and appreciate you for who you are. It doesn’t mean change is completely off the table, but it’s something the two of you must decide on mutually rather than parlay it as a requirement for the relationship. “What if I didn't try to warp myself into this phantom standard that I didn't even know?” she said. Instead, she prefers to wait to find the person who thinks she, Drew Barrymore, is “enough” for. No unattainable standards to meet, no back-breaking exercises to follow, no sad justifications for the infidelities, just self-confidence at its finest. You are enough Drew Barrymore’s insistence at wiping out your “insecurities” is a reminder to everyone: you don’t have to blame yourself for how others treat you. This goes beyond romantic relationships; everyone who dares to blame or shame you for something beyond your control doesn’t deserve your time. You need to feel assured about your own self; of course, you’re not perfect, and you understand what you need to do to improve specific aspects of your life, but it doesn’t give anyone the right to make you feel any less worthy. Cheating, in particular, has traditionally been used as a tool to subdue women and make them question their place in society. The consequences are never as bad for men as they are for women, so keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t let anyone take control of your self-esteem. You have been wronged, and it’s not your fault in the least. More inspiring stories:How Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore Managed To Maintain A 30-Year Friendship5 Daily Habits to Steal from Drew Barrymore, Including Her Glass-Half-Full AttitudeRobert Pattinson Handled Being Cheated On In A Surprisingly Mature WayWhen Kelly Osbourne Was Cheated On, She Made An Unlikely Friend


5 Daily Habits to Steal from Drew Barrymore, Including Her Glass-Half-Full Attitude

As a digital nomad and journalist, I travel the world while logging around 70 articles a month. To effectively manage a country-hopping lifestyle while also building my bylines and clients, I turn to the advice of seasoned movers-and-shakers who have developed habits and strategies for success. Each week, I’ll highlight the daily routine of influential professionals, making for the right kind of fodder while you down your coffee.It all started with E.T. for Drew Barrymore, who has been dazzling audiences since she was a child star. As the granddaughter of John Barrymore, the ability to captivate and portray characters runs in her genes.Often considered one of Hollywood’s sweethearts, Barrymore is known for her portrayal in iconic romantic comedies including Ever After, Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer and many more. Her dramatic roles have earned plenty of accolades, including a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a BAFTA nomination.In addition to acting, she’s also a producer and director, and the co-owner of a production company, Flower Films. In 2013, she also dipped into the entrepreneur scene, with her cosmetic company, Flower. Today she sells everything from makeup and perfume to eyewear and beyond. Did we also mention she’s written two memoirs? All of her diligence, expertise and hustle has created an astounding net-worth of $125 million.To fight through drugs and alcohol abuse as a child and grow to become an influential celebrity, personality and mom of two, Barrymore adopts certain mindset and habits. Here, a few to inspire you.1. Her work fuels her - but not entirely. Or more so, she understand the value of a work and life balance. While many artists are fueled by their passion, Barrymore is careful to not let it be all encompassing as it once was. In an interview with The Guardian, she shared at one point, her approach to work was more fed out of desperation. “...I felt that everything I did in film mattered. It was my whole world,” she continued. “Now it’s kids, friends, marriage, work, health. I don’t want my girls to grow up saying, ‘Oh wow, yeah, she really worked hard, but I didn’t see her.’ I want them to be like, ‘I don’t know how the hell she was there for all those things, and she still worked!’”In fact, her level-headed approach to her work life is something she’s proud of -- and one she wishes she could apply to every aspect of her lifestyle.“I’ve always been a woman in the boardroom. My personal life was never as advanced as my [career]. I’d think, Why can’t I be in my relationships like I am in a business meeting? I’m direct, I’m clear, I’m articulate,” Drew says with a wry smile. “[My personal life] always had a lot of catching up to do,” she shared with Women’s Health. 2. She ‘marches in an army of optimism.’Of those people who are able to live their life fully, wholeheartedly and often, with ease, remaining positive is their superpower. For Barrymore, choosing the lighter path and seeing that infamous glass as half-full has made a difference in her success, her mindset and of course, her attitude. “I always say that I march in the army of optimism ….. you have to …. I also don’t ever want my kids to see me being affected by mean people. I want them to see me rise above it and face things with grace and class. Putting positivity out in the world is extremely important to me,” she told Marie Claire. As she’s picking roles, she’s careful to consider what audiences will feel as they watch her performance. If it isn't excitement and if they aren’t smiling, she reconsiders. “I’m very conscious about the way people feel. When I was making movies, I just didn’t want to tell a depressing story; I wanted to tell one about some type of self-improvement. I thought, ‘There’s enough shit in life. I want optimism and joy.’ At the same time, I don’t like magic-wand happy endings -- and now I don’t like magic-wand makeup or magic-wand clothes,” she shared with InStyle. 3. She says “no” - even when it’s hard.When you’re Googling around on ways to transform your life and shake up your negativity, you’ll likely find plenty of push to say ‘yes.’ To travel, to adventure, to quitting your job and trying your own thing, to breaking up with that awful, toxic partner you should have kicked to the curb months ago. But there is also an undeniable strength in shaking your head, and saying ‘nope, not for me.’When Barrymore was a kid, Steven Spielberg, the director of E.T. gave her this advice when she was given countless endorsement offers. “He said it was OK to say ‘no.’ Basically, don’t sell out just because you can. I remember that so well, and he was right, companies did come knocking and it was tempting. It was just me and my mom and we didn’t have any money, but you have to make decisions that will have the best long-term outcome, which isn’t always easy,” she shared with Marie Claire.4. She focuses on growth.It isn’t always easy to address areas in your life where you’re lacking. But becoming self-aware is an essential part of blooming into the person you knew you were destined to become. Considering flower power is at the core of Barrymore’s ethos, it makes sense why she isn’t afraid of a little change.“Well, I wouldn’t have listened. I’ve grown and changed and evolved throughout the years, but I’m not, in spirit, that different from the kid in the pictures wearing giant poofy dresses. I just had a lot of rebellion that had to calm down. But it did,” she told InStyle. 5. She thinks nice girls do get the corner office.Confidence is cool. So is the ability to stand in front of a boardroom and conquer the room. The same goes for standing up for yourself and demanding respect. However, in Barrymore’s mind, there’s also success to be found in being, well, a good person. “Just behaving. Being as nice as I can. Not being a total A-hole. Just being in a good mood at work, not losing my cool when my kids lose their cool. Not sweating the small stuff. I’ve realized that even when the little things aggravate you and seem really big and monumental, or even very public within your own circle and you just wish you could hide your problems, you just can’t lose your cool,” she told New Beauty.“Be nice through all of it. That’s always when I feel the best, no matter what. Go put it out in some private corner and then show up and just be good to everyone.”For more Daily Habits:5 Daily Habits to Steal from Mark Cuban5 Daily Habits to Steal from Will Smith5 Daily Habits to Steal from Meghan Markle

22 Drew Barrymore Quotes That Will Help You Rise Above Adversity

22 Drew Barrymore Quotes That Will Help You Rise Above Adversity

The red-headed Charlie’s angel, Drew Barrymore, is a renowned American actress, producer and Hollywood survivor.Coming from a family of actors, Barrymore achieved fame as a child. She made her big screen debut at the age of four in Ken Russell's Altered States, then, at the age of seven, Drew landed one of her most famous roles in Steven Spielberg's E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.As a teenager, the young actress was expected to act like an adult. Under that pressure she began to succumb to a destructive lifestyle defined by drugs, alcohol, and too much partying. She was later placed in a rehab center, cleaned herself up and wrote about the awful experiences in her autobiography, Little Girl Lost.Barrymore’s reputation as a troubled child, negatively impacted her career for many years. Everyone thought she is just another failed child star so film projects were slow to materialize. Fortunately, in the late 90s, Drew began working steadily again and slowly managed to gain a reputation as America's new sweetheart. Drew Barrymore has overcome great adversity and she is an example of pure resilience. We all sometimes make bad decisions, but the important thing is to correct them.Here are 22 Drew Barrymore quotes that will help you rise above adversity. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.There's something liberating about not pretending. Dare to embarrass yourself. Risk.There's a hunger and a fervor that I have, but there's no person I'm going to push to the side to get where I'm going. I want to create my own road.When I lay my head on the pillow at night I can say I was a decent person today. That's when I feel beautiful.Love is the one uniting, relatable thing in everyone's life. It's what we all want and struggle with and fight for.I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.Kisses, even to the air, are beautiful.If you are going to go through hell...I suggest you come back learning something.I am fundamentally happy. Everyone has experiences that makes them cynical, jaded or unhappy - you just have to fight those things off. You can be a warrior and be full of grace and class.If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul.It's only through listening that you learn, and I never want to stop learning.Happiness is a choice. You have to choose it - and you have to fight for it.I'm not insecure. I've been through way too much f**king sh*t to be insecure. I've got huge balls. But I've been humbled. That makes you grateful for every day you have.Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.I never regret anything. Because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are in the end.My lesson here was you do not give up. You hold yourself accountable. You stay grateful. You hold on tight to your friends.The way things have gone in my life, sure, I could have been a bitter person. But I just find bitter people really un-fun, you know? And who wants to be that person?We may not be able to do them all, but it is a safe place to dream. And sometimes, if you really work hard enough, dreams come true.It's ironic that we rush through being ‘single’ as if it's some disease or malady to get rid of or overcome.Be authentic. Be yourself. And most important of all... make it personal.A stable, loving family is something that should absolutely, fundamentally never ever be taken for granted.