Jenna Ortega and Gwendoline Christie dancing.

Netflix’s latest hit series, Wednesday, sees Jenna Ortega’s titular character, an antisocial teen, who is at odds with Gwendoline

/ December 1, 2022
Lindsay Lohan and Al Pacino

Lindsay Lohan is finally making her comeback. In an interview with Cosmo magazine, she opened up about her friendship with

/ November 10, 2022
two hands reaching for each other

Imbalanced relationships have to heal or end.

/ November 1, 2022
Joey and Phoebe on Friends

There are many types of relationships you can have over the course of your life. These unique bonds bring something

/ August 1, 2022

After fleeing Germany eight decades ago, two best friends who were searching for each other finally get a chance to

/ February 15, 2022
best friends quotes

Even though we sometimes forget, having a best friend is truly a privilege, and should be counted among life’s greatest

/ January 13, 2022