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Two elderly women laughing and chatting near a window and bouquet of flowers with a note.

Woman Proves True Friendship Exists With Touching Note

Pexels/ Matt Barnard and Pexels/ Евгений Шухман
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Woman Can't Attend Her Friend's Funeral, So She Sends A Note - And We're All Sobbing

The TikTok video has garnered over 11.5 million views and is a poignant testament to the enduring power of friendship.

Friendships are often fleeting. People come into our lives for a season and then they're gone. (Or they become one of our 2571 Facebook friends relegated to hearing about our lives via reels and posts).

But every once in a while, if we're really lucky, someone comes along who stays. Someone who grows with us and laughs with us and shares our deepest secrets. Someone who is there, through all of it — the good, the bad, and the times when we can't lift our broken-hearted bodies off the floor.

And even when they're far away? They're still there, reminding us that we are not alone.

There's something truly special about a friend who lives life WITH us. Who knows us sometimes more than we know ourselves. And that kind of friendship? Never dies.

And there's a heartwrenching viral TikTok that proves it.

Must-See TikTok About Lasting Friendships Goes Viral


I wish this was just a tiktok

In a TikTok that has gone viral with an eye-watering 11.5 MILLION VIEWS one woman shares a story about her grandmother's forever friend of over 40 years and if you ever needed proof that true friendship really does exist, this is it.

The video, set to the haunting sounds of What was I made for? may only be 10 seconds long but oof, it packs a punch. The text overlay reads:

"Thinking about my grandma's funeral a few years ago and how her best friend of 40+ years was too old to attend but sent flowers saying, 'My friend, you have taken half my life with you. I'll see you soon.'"


And while it's heartbreaking, it's also an incredibly beautiful tribute to a friendship spanning more than four decades. And who doesn't want a friend like that?

It didn't just resonate with people, it opened up the floodgates.

Over 2.8 MILLION people have loved the post but it's the 14,000 people who commented that will make you want to grab hold of your bestie and never let her go.

True Friendship is For Life...And Beyond

Thousands of people came forward to share their own stories of their grandparents and best friends. We've gathered up the most heartwarming, incredible, wholesome ones.

Grab the tissues, you're gonna need them.

It's a bond like no other...

"My grandma passed and her lifelong friend couldn’t attend due to age and medical reasons. As soon as I knocked on the door to tell her she said 'I already know Lucy already came to tell me she left.'”

"My grandpa's best friend passed away about 10yrs ago & they were both into towers and HAM radio. He put a radio in the casket and talked with him every day until the battery died a few months later."

"My mom passed away about a month ago and one of her friends posted on her Facebook page 'Oh the secrets you have taken with you. i will cherish our 50+ years of friendship.'"

Sometimes? It's the only thing that keeps us going.

"My grandmother and her bestie lived across the street from each other for 50+ years. After hearing my grandmother passed, her best friend died just two hours after her."

"Grandpa sat in a chair next to grandmas casket and whispered ‘I’ll be along once we get you settled, Dear’. His funeral was two weeks later."

"When I was a funeral director, I had one woman who stood out. Her best friend of 80 years attended the service, sat by the casket, and held her hand the whole time. She passed 2 months later."

"My Grammy met her best friend when they were 4. She died at 92. Imagine 88 years of friendship. 😫 This little old ladies world fell apart I think about her all the time."

True friends can never be replaced.

"My grandpas best friend since 1st grade, he was 92, sent flowers and it said “We’ll go flying again soon” they were both pilots."

"My papa’s best friend of over 50 years wrote a card to our family when he learned of his passing. He said 'it was the honor of my life to call him my best friend.'"

"At my grandfathers funeral his best friend sent a bouquet of flowers with a note saying 'I will miss you for the rest of my life.'"

"My grandfather's best friend passed away when they were both 95, and on his death bed he told his son 'Tell Norman I love him.' They’d been friends from elementary school to 95😭"

"When my grandpas best friend died he told me 'you only get a friend like that once in a lifetime, and he was it' 🥲 couldn’t even respond I was crying."

Annnnnd now we're all crying.

The Impact of Forever Friends

grayscale photo of a woman in a sweater smilinggrayscale photo of woman in sweater smilingPhoto by Artyom Kabajev on Unsplash

True, real friendships are rare. But when you do find one, it’s nothing short of magical.

These stories, heartwarming and tear-jerking as they are, serve as poignant reminders of the profound impact that true, long-lasting friendships can have on our lives.

If you're lucky enough to have a friend like this in your life, hang on tight and never let go.

*Featured image contains photo by Matt Barnard and Евгений Шухман

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