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Four teens wearing formal clothes at prom and a totaled car.

Teens React Heroically to Prom Night Situation

YouTube/ East Idaho News
Uplifting News

Boy Has Seizure While Driving to Prom Night - Quick Thinking Teens Save the Day

Community rewards teens for their actions.

No one knows how they might respond in an emergency until they’re actually in one. Stress affects everyone differently, and sometimes, we’re forced into a stressful situation without any preparation. So when a group of teens acted heroically after their friend was in trouble, a community applauded them.

An Unexpected Prom Night Detour

Four teens pose for photo

Brock and his friends following the car accident

YouTube/East Idaho News

A senior named Brock had a lot to celebrate as he was driving to his prom at Bonneville High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Brock was a great student and had served on his Student Council all throughout his high school career. His date, Macee, was in the front seat, and they had just picked up their friends Jaycee and Anders.

According to the kids, Brock was in the middle of telling a joke when he began having a seizure. “Apparently, when Brock’s seizure started, he floored the gas and aggressively jerked the wheel, causing them to go through several fences and through a canal and hitting other objects along the way,” Brock’s mom wrote to East Idaho News.

The mom explained that when Brock was a toddler and young boy, he had experienced seizures, but at the time of the accident, he had been seizure-free and off of medication for more than a decade. The episode shocked everyone, especially Brock’s friends in the car, who had no idea what was happening.

Quick-Thinking Teens React

When the teens realized Brock was no longer joking or in control of the car, they sprang into action.

“I was trying to get his foot off the gas or throw the car into park because he was just stuck,” Macee recalled to the news outlet.

Eventually, she was able to get Brock’s foot off the gas and put the car in neutral. She steered the vehicle away from a pond before it came to a stop. The car was totaled, but it could have been much worse for these kids had they gone into that water.

As soon as the car stopped, Jaycee and Anders helped Brock out and laid him down. He was asleep, so they called 9-1-1, along with Brock’s mom, for help. As for Brock, he couldn’t remember any of it and only recalled waking up in the hospital.

“All of these heroes are seniors at Bonneville. They are my heroes and I know the outcome could have been very different had they not acted quickly,” Brock’s mom wrote. “They are all OK from the wreck with the exception of a few bumps and bruises. I am forever grateful!”

A Community Responds

The story touched East Idaho News producers, and a crew showed up to Brock’s house a few weeks later to meet the surprised teens. Each kid received an Amazon gift card and thanks from the community for their quick thinking.

“Keeping a level head and acting on your instincts, go with what you know, would be the biggest takeaway,” Macee said.

Macee also revealed that she and Brock had to miss their prom, but they held a drive-through prom after everyone was safe and home. She still got to wear her dress and take photos for the occasion.

“Everyone just drove through and waved at me and gave me a hug; it was awesome,” Brock said. “We had our own prom.”

“We made it fun,” Macee added. “We were prom king and queen.”

Keeping a Level Head

As Brock’s mom pointed out, this situation could have been much worse were it not for the teens’ quick thinking and ability to remain calm during a terrifying situation. It’s a good reminder for all of us that when faced with an emergency, we should try to stay clear-headed.

Take deep breaths, rely on any training you may have had, and remember to call for help as soon as you can. If you’re a parent, be sure to teach your kids how to react in an emergency situation, too, because, as this story proves, you never know when you may need that information in life.

Another great strategy for remaining calm in an emergency situation is to practice calm every day. Whether that’s through breathwork, meditation, or just taking a few minutes to yourself, it can make a world of difference when you’re faced with anything unexpected in life.

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