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25 Billie Eilish Quotes to Embrace Your Most Authentic Self
Billie Eilish Quotes (2)

25 Billie Eilish Quotes to Embrace Your Most Authentic Self

Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter who forged her own path to success, Here are 25 Billie Eilish quotes to embrace your most authentic self.

Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter,

who gained popularity after the release of her successful debut single Ocean Eyes (2016).

Billie was born in a family of musicians, and even

though she didn’t plan on becoming a singer, it seems like she was destined to

have an exceptional music career.  At the

age of 8 she joined a choir and by the time she turned 11, Billie was writing

her own songs.

At just 18 she managed to become the youngest artist ever to win all four main categories at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2020. No wonder why. Her songs make you want to dance and many of her lyrics prove that she is wise beyond her age.

A teenager who forged her own path to success, Eilish gained millions of fans from all over the world. Everybody seems to love her music and her ability to stay true to her most authentic self. Controversial to some, yet uber cool for others, Billie is definitely a unique music artist.

Here are 25 Billie Eilish quotes to embrace your most authentic self:

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I’ve always done whatever I want and always been exactly who I am.

I don’t know how to function without music. When I’m not making it, I’m listening to it. It gives me courage and takes care of my mind.

Time is kind of an amazing thing because you can do so much with it. I think people underestimate time… I don’t want to just sit on my phone for hours.

In the public eye, girls and women with strong perspectives are hated. If you’re a girl with an opinion, people just hate you. There are still people who are afraid of successful women, and that’s so lame.

Words are more powerful than some noises. Noises won’t last long. Lyrics are so important, and people don’t realize that.

There are always going to be bad things. But you can write it down and make a song out of it.

I go through a lot of depression, and I know other people do, too, but I have an outlet that so many people don’t. If you have that inside of you and can’t get it out, what do you do?

Never been the type to let someone see right through.

I feel like I write so that people can think of it as theirs. If my song is exactly about your life right now, then it is. I don’t even want to say that it’s mine, because it’s yours.

It’s rare for anyone to value the opinions of a teenage girl.

I laugh along like nothing's wrong.

I don’t really get nervous that much, or if I do, only I know. It’s all inside me. I am good at hiding everything.

What makes a song last is real content from a mind that is thinking a little bit harder about certain things. A lot of artists don’t really think that hard.

Sometimes it’s flattering when people copy you, but sometimes it gets to a breaking point.

I know you don't care, but can you listen?

People think you have to go through something to write about it, and you absolutely do not. You can write about, like, a shoe. It’s a story.

I’ve always liked being busy. If I have nothing to do for a week, it just makes me mad.

I don’t even call them fans. I don’t like that. They’re literally just a part of my life; they’re a part of my family. I don’t think of them as on a lower level than me. I don’t think I’m anything but equal to all of them. So yeah, they’re basically all of my siblings.

I'm not okay, I feel so scattered, don't say I'm all that matters.

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I’m not going to say I’m cool because I don’t really feel that. I just don’t care at all, and I guess that’s what people think is cool.

I’m gonna make what I want to make, and other people are gonna like what they’re gonna like. It doesn’t really matter.

Once we've both said our goodbyes, let's just let it go, let me let you go.

It’s really fun to put yourself into a character – into shoes you wouldn’t normally be in.

I like to be in control of how I look and how I feel and how I act.

Nothing really scares me, to be honest.

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