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Man sitting on the couch with two kids and a man looking out of the window with two children.
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Woman Films Ex-Husband's Reaction To New Husband When He Comes To Pick Up Their Son

Navigating the complexities of co-parenting after a divorce is no easy feat, but one mom is feeling incredibly grateful for the harmonious dynamic she shares with her ex-husband. In a touching video that has taken social media by storm, the remarried woman reveals the beautiful relationship between her former spouse and her new family. The video, which has garnered over four million views, showcases a heartwarming scene that highlights the power of mature and respectful co-parenting.

Woman kissing a baby and a man with a long beard sitting in a car.
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Dad of 2 Daughters Has a Message About "Mom Bods" - Goes Viral For the Right Reasons

It's no secret that a woman's body changes after children. After all, growing a literal human is no small feat. And while men are often celebrated and embraced for their "dad bods," women? Not so much. “Mom bods” are only celebrated if they don’t actually look like they carried or birthed a baby. But one dad is working to change that, and he's setting TikTok on fire with his body-positive anthem of the summer.

Mom running a marathon and a mom kissing her two children after winning the marathon.
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Mom Deliberately "Ignored" Her Husband and Kids To Win Race - and People are Cheering

Luciana Grandi Lourenção was seconds away from one of the biggest triumphs of her life. The personal trainer was mere steps from claiming the top spot on the podium at the Presidente Prudente Half Marathon in Brazil. But before she could reach the finish line, her husband showed up on the sidelines and pushed their two daughters into her path, nearly ruining her big moment. However, instead of stopping, she deliberately sidestepped her kids and ran. She WON. And now? She's winning the hearts and praise of millions of people for putting herself first.

Woman taking a picture with her father outside and a screenshot of a father's text.
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Dad Witnesses His Daughter Get Dumped - So He Tells Her to "Be the Bull"

The end of a relationship is rarely easy, especially when you're not the one doing the ending. When college student Fallon Thompson recently "got dumped" she was understandably heartbroken. But lucky for her, there IS one person she can always depend on...her dad. And he was right there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart with words of wisdom that have gone viral. Because they're THAT GOOD.

Mom and daughter in a photo booth, three women standing, and a young graduate (inset)
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14-Year-Old Is Told to Abort Pregnancy - Now Her Baby’s a Harvard-Trained Doctor

Everyone stumbles. But it’s not how hard we fall that counts: it’s how we pick ourselves up. Sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan, and we’re faced with incredibly difficult circumstances. But if you can push through the way this young mother did, something wonderful can happen.

A typed letter and a man with his mother.
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Mom Writes Epic Letter After Headmaster Calls Her Son "Worthless" and "Stupid"

Most parents recognize that no child is perfect and are willing to work with leaders and educators to raise decent human beings. But when one mother realized the person charged with her son’s education was nothing more than a bully, she wrote him an epic letter.

Screenshots from a woman's TikTok video.
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Mom Justifies Her "No Contact" Relationship With Her Son — Why SHE Is Being Called a Gaslighter

In the age of social media, where opinions fly faster than ever, one video sparked a wildfire of controversy, shedding light on a topic often brushed under the rug: parent-child relationships.

Woman with twin boys and a black and white picture of actor Cole Sprouse.
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Not Everyone Has A Great Relationship With Their Mom — And That's OK

Mother's Day is celebrated with flowers, heartfelt cards, and family gatherings. It's a day dedicated to honoring the women who raised us, yet for many, it's a day filled with mixed emotions. The bond between a mother and child is often seen as sacred, but not everyone has that idyllic relationship with their mom. If you find Mother's Day challenging, you're not alone.Cole Sprouse's Strained Relationship with His MotherMany people know Cole Sprouse from his work on the Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and later on the hit show Riverdale. However, behind the scenes, his relationship with his mother, Melanie Wright, was far from perfect. Cole and his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, became child stars at a young age when they starred in Adam Sandler's Big Daddy. But their early success came with challenges that shaped the rest of their lives.Cole's mother had aspirations for her sons' careers and saw their acting success as a way to find both artistic recognition and financial stability. In a 2023 interview on the Diary of a CEO podcast, Cole described his mother as "the tortured artist type" who struggled with mental health and addiction."This industry encourages the worst qualities of you as a person: selfishness, greed. A lot of these things that we have come to know as cardinal sins. It’s one of those things that encouraged a kind of selfishness that’s directly opposed to the fundamental idea of motherhood. And as I grew older, in my case, the court had to step in and send my brother and me towards my father." - Cole SprouseAs her erratic behavior became more severe, it affected the family's financial stability and eventually led to Melanie Wright losing custody of her children.Cole's father stepped in to provide a more stable environment, allowing the twins to continue their acting careers while regaining a sense of normalcy. However, the scars of his mother's struggles left a lasting impact on Cole. With time and distance, the now 31-year-old shared that he does not "blame" his mother, but though we may forgive, that doesn't mean we necessarily forget.So what do you do when you don't want to live in the past, but don't know how to move forward?Navigating Boundaries with "Mother Wounds" In Toxic RelationshipsNot every mother-child relationship is healthy, and sometimes setting boundaries is the best way to cope with toxic behavior. These toxic behaviors can be subtle and challenging to identify, especially when they come from someone who should offer love and support. If interactions with your mother leave you feeling drained, confused, or constantly judged, you might be experiencing what is often called a "mother wound."Common signs of toxic parents include manipulative behavior, controlling tendencies, constant criticism, or creating an environment where you feel like you're "walking on eggshells." If these traits sound familiar, it's essential to establish and enforce boundaries to protect your mental and emotional well-being. Although setting boundaries can feel uncomfortable, it's a crucial step in reclaiming your sense of self-worth and finding peace of mind.Remember, setting boundaries with a toxic parent isn't about blame or changing them; it's about taking control of your response to harmful behaviors. You can choose to limit contact, skip family gatherings, or even cut ties if that's what's best for you. These boundaries can be a lifeline, helping you heal from your "mother wound" and move forward without guilt or anxiety.Finding Support and Creating New TraditionsIf Mother's Day is difficult for you, know that seeking support is a healthy response. Just as Cole Sprouse found stability with his brother, father, and the acting community, you can find support through friends, family, or therapy. Organizations like Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACA) provide a safe space to talk about your feelings and share your story with people who understand. Whether through therapy, support groups, or a circle of close friends, connecting with others can help you feel less isolated.Given the variety of reasons why Mother's Day can be painful, it's crucial to find your own way to navigate the day. Traditional celebrations might not resonate with you, and that's okay. Consider creating new traditions that bring you joy. This might include spending time with people who feel like family, engaging in activities that bring you peace, or even volunteering to help others in need. Mother's Day doesn't have to be about conventional celebrations. It's about honoring your journey and creating new memories that reflect your values and desires.Mother's Day is just one day on the calendar. It doesn't define you or your relationship with your mother. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise, without judgment or pressure to conform to societal expectations. If you need to take a break from social media or avoid certain topics, give yourself permission to do so.You are not alone. Many people have complex relationships with their mothers. As you navigate Mother's Day in your unique way, remember that you have the power to shape your own future. Focus on what brings you joy and strength, and know that you can create a life that reflects your values and dreams. By doing so, you honor your journey and create a future that brings you comfort and strength.

Left Image: Man stands in front of wine cooler / Right Image: Dad poses with young daughter with glasses
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Single Dad Lets Daughter Say "Whatever She Wants" — Her Shocking Words Go Viral

Jhovan "Jay" Galberth is a single dad whose parenting style is making jaws drop. The dadfluencer posted a shocking video that his young daughter, Tatum, recorded alone—and her surprising words say everything about how she's being raised. His no-judgment approach brought a smile to millions of faces, but it also left some questioning the impact of his "let-it-all-out" parenting style.Her Dad Gave Her 20 Seconds To Say AnythingA new challenge on ParentTok (short for TikTok parent content) is taking the internet by storm, and it's as simple as it is enlightening. The trend involves parents giving their children 20 seconds alone in front of a bathroom mirror to say whatever they want, with the parent promising not to get mad. Jay Galberth tried this challenge with his daughter, Tatum, expecting some silly antics or even a few bad words. Instead, what he got was a heartwarming lesson in self-love and positivity.Watch Jay Galberth's Video.After telling Tatum she had 20 seconds, Jay closed the bathroom door and let the camera roll. The toddler's confidence and positivity caught everyone off guard. Rather than using the opportunity to make mischief, Tatum declared herself a "queen," a "superstar," and expressed her love for herself and her intelligence. "I'm beautiful, I'm smart, and I love myself," she proclaimed. Her infectious energy left viewers feeling inspired and energized.Watch Jay Galberth's Video View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hey yall Its Tatum (@dadsdoittoo) Barbie Gives a Shout-Out—Dad's Viral Video Gets a Glamorous Endorsement Tatum's self-love-filled monologue was not only an inspiration to viewers but also caught the attention of some significant names. Among them was the official Barbie Instagram account, which left a comment under Jay's video, saying, "And don't you forget it 😉💖." This unexpected recognition from the iconic doll brand added a touch of glamour and validation to the already viral video. It also highlighted the broader impact of the message Tatum was sending, which resonated with audiences of all ages. Jay and Tatum's story is a reminder that positivity and confidence, no matter how small the voice, can echo far and wide.She Learned Self Love From Her Dad: Parents Shape Who We AreThe powerful response to Tatum's words reflects the significant role parents play in shaping their children's self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Jay's dedication to instilling confidence and love in his daughter was evident in her positive words of self-affirmation. In a world where self-doubt often takes center stage, Tatum's message of self-acceptance serves as a guiding light. Her father's positive influence is a testament to the impact that positive reinforcement and encouragement can have on a child's mindset. It’s not just about the words we say, but the actions we take to build our children's self-esteem and resilience.Jay Galberth's approach to parenting reminds us that nurturing a child's confidence can lead to a happier, more positive world. When parents shape their children's view of themselves with love and encouragement, they set the foundation for strong, self-assured adults. The viral video serves as a heartwarming reminder to always lift each other up and create a space for positivity and growth.