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Older man wearing a white cap and a man with his wife.

UPS Driver Makes This Special Delivery Every Single Day

YouTube/ WOOD TV8
Uplifting News

UPS Driver Makes a Special Stop During His Lunch Break - Every Single Day

There’s nothing greater than the gift of time.

We give and receive many gifts throughout the year, on special occasions, birthdays, holidays, and just because. But how often do we stop and think about gifting something that truly matters? One UPS driver delivers many packages throughout his day, but he always makes the time for this one extra special stop.

A Special Stop During the Daily Grind

A father and son hang out in the garage

Big Tim and Tim hang out every day on Tim's lunch break

YouTube/WOOD TV8

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a man named Tim Westfall makes several stops throughout his day. As a UPS driver he delivers many packages along his route, some of them gifts, others necessities. But the most important stop he makes every single day has nothing to do with the items on his truck. In fact, this stop isn't even on the clock.

That’s because the most important stop Tim makes is during his lunch break, when he visits and hangs out with his dad, Big Tim. Every day Tim and his dad sit in the garage, lounging on chairs six feet apart (something they started during the pandemic), and just chat and hang out.

“My mom passed away in 2017, and this route became available in 2018, so I took it,” Tim explained to WOOD TV8. “I get to hear all his stories. He likes to talk, so I hear all his stories. Now he’s getting older so I hear the same stories over and over.”

Making the Time

For Big Tim, having his son there is an opportunity to learn more about his child and grandchild, but it’s also a nice moment that alleviates some of the loneliness he’s felt since his wife, Donna, passed away.

“She worked for the bank some 40 years and then retired. She got to retire for two years before she died; that’s the hard part,” Big Tim told the publication through tears.

Tim is happy to show up for his dad and provide some company, but he also gets a lot out of it. He added that if it weren’t for the route, he would only be able to see his dad on the weekends or every other weekend.

“He means the world to me; he does everything for us,” Tim said before turning to his dad. “Thank you for raising me with morals and hard work ethic.”

“I want to thank you for being fantastic kids,” Big Tim added.

The Delivery of Time

This story is so heartwarming because it reminds us that the most important gift we could ever give anyone who means something to us is the gift of time. Sure, presents are nice, but spending time together and making the time to see each other is far more important.

No one knows how long they have on Earth, so it’s important to seize the day and not put things off. That includes, above all, making time for loved ones. So, if you’ve been on the fence about making that call, sending that text, or planning the next get-together, do it now.

After all, as Tim and Big Tim’s story reminds us, time is a very precious thing.

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