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30 Genuinely Practical Gifts That Will Make Anyone's Life a Little Easier
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30 Genuinely Practical Gifts That Will Make Anyone's Life a Little Easier

Some gifts are fun, others are practical. Whether you have a friend who loves working on themselves or a family member who appreciates useful gifts, finding a present that improves someone’s life can be challenging. Look for items that help save time and money or gifts that enhance wellbeing. 

From wellness-related goodies to kitchen gear and life-changing books, check out these thirty gift options that make life just a little bit easier and more pleasurable. 

Sound machine alarm clock 


This calming and cute alarm clock includes a white noise machine and an app to customize wakeup features.

Who it's best for: The chronic over-sleeper

Why it's a practical gift: It saves time and makes mornings more enjoyable 

Buyers are saying: "The natural light really helps with a slow wake up as opposed to the abruptness of a typical alarm. The look of the Hatch is nice as well and it blends in." – K.P.

SEE IT: $129.99 at

Snuggly gloves


These women's recycled gloves have great grip, and the fingertips are made especially for phone use.

Who it's best for: The winter outdoorsman

Why it's a practical gift: No more wasted money on buying flimsy gloves every season

Buyers are saying: "The natural light really helps with a slow wake up as opposed to the abruptness of a typical alarm. The look of the Hatch is nice as well and it blends in." – Tammy K.

SEE IT: $44.95 at

A reading tool


This Kindle Paperwhite is ad-free, and the screen is made for reading anytime, anywhere.

Who it's best for: Your techie bookworm

Why it's a practical gift: Saves money on heavy paperbacks

Buyers are saying: "Long battery life and superb readability outdoors. The reading experience is good, it's visually sharp and the charge lasts a long time." - L.G.

SEE IT: $169.99 at

A productivity journal


This journal is a convenient planning and productivity tool for people looking to follow through on those New Year's Resolutions.

Who it's best for: The dreamer

Why it's a practical gift: Productivity planning always makes life easier

Buyers are saying: "This notebook makes me want to get up early in the morning and organize all my day and schedule everything." – Ici L.

SEE IT: $31.99 at

A fancy pan


This terracotta pan has non-stick coating and no toxic substances, including Teflon or BPA.

Who it's best for: The health-conscious chef

Why it's a practical gift: It's durable and safe for long-time use 

Buyers are saying: "This pan is great and a perfect dupe for higher end non-toxic pans. I'm able to cook a whole meal in just this one pan, it's easy to clean, nothing sticks to it, and I love how it looks in my kitchen." – Ashley

SEE IT: $79.99 at

Thirst-quencher for your pup

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This adorable dog water bottle is leak-proof and comes in a number of different colors – perfect for hikes or long travel days.

Who it's best for: The dog mom or dad

Why it's a practical gift: Saves onplastic water bottles

Buyers are saying: "Quality is good, and is very easy to use. It is super useful for you and your fur baby. A must buy for me!" - Julio

SEE IT: $22.99 at

A SAD lamp


This UV LED light therapy lamp is perfect for lifting your loved one up on a dark morning and combatting the winter blues.

Who it's best for: Summer lovers

Why it's a practical gift: Makes someone's quality of life better

Buyers are saying: "I was looking for help with insomnia and I like this light. It definitely works and gives me the feeling I've stepped out into broad daylight." – Christy F.

SEE IT: $39.99 at

A weighted blanket

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This huge weighted blanket has a washable cover and comes in three sizes.

Who it's best for: The bad sleeper

Why it's a practical gift: A good night's sleep is absolutely priceless!

Buyers are saying: "This product has changed the way I sleep forever.My sleep has never been better. My anxiety issues at night have almost completely went away." - Enzo

SEE IT: $212.49 at

A hydration station


It's important to stay hydrated in the dry winter months, so try out this chic alkaline mineral water bottle.

Who it's best for: The constantly dehydrated

Why it's a practical gift: No more single-use water bottles filled with bottled tap water 

Buyers are saying: "I love it! It makes my water taste like I'm drinking water straight from a fresh spring." – Michael R.

SEE IT: $29.42 at

Packing perks


This matching set of eight packing cubes comes in 11 colors – perfect for your friend on the go.

Who it's best for: The business traveler

Why it's a practical gift: Saves time in packing, unpacking, and finding things 

Buyers are saying: "These bags keep my luggage organized and easy to find everything I need. They are super lightweight and easy to use. Every bag holds a ton." – Jaclyn W.

SEE IT: $24.99 at

An air fryer


This air fryer will be well-received. It can make everything from trendy TikTok recipes to healthy meals in even the smallest of kitchens.

Who it's best for: The chef in your life

Why it's a practical gift: Leave behind the hassle of an oven

Buyers are saying: "I love it and wonder how I've gone this long without one." – Martin C.

SEE IT: $89.95 at

An inspiring story

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“How To Do The Work” by social media influencer Nicole LePera is the story of one woman who overcame trauma and heartache using mindfulness.

Who it's best for: Your Goop-obsessed pal

Why it's a practical gift: It's inspirational for those going through hard times

Buyers are saying: "Nicole appears to be an introspective person who has gone deep into her head and heart to unearth why she thinks, acts and behaves in the manner she does (and has historically)." - Tiffany

SEE IT: $16.46 at

A mindfulness challenge

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Do you have a loved one who's looking to cultivate psychological mindfulness? This 31 Days of Mindfulness Challenge is the perfect place to begin.

Who it's best for: Someone on a journey of self-discovery

Why it's a practical gift: Mindfulness is scientifically proven to make you happier and less stressed. 

Buyers are saying: "These mindfulness cards are a good addition to any mindfulness practice." - Zada

SEE IT: $6.95 at

A wellness tracker


Get your health-loving tech junkie a top-of-the-line Fitbit with stress management, sleep tracking, and heart rate reports – in three fun colors!

Who it's best for: The exercise freak

Why it's a practical gift: It can track lifestyle elements to aid measurable health gains

Buyers are saying: "Love to have information related to my fitness, heart rate and sleep pattern at my fingertips." – Sabina E.

SEE IT: $99.95 at

The Airwrap!


A Dyson Airwrap is all the rage, and while it might be a bit harsh on your wallet, it's a lifelong investment that turns out perfect hair every time.

Who it's best for: The trendiest friend

Why it's a practical gift: This investment saves time while making perfect bouncy waves – what's not to love? 

Buyers are saying: "Easy to use and so easy on my long, fine hair!" – Melissa D.

SEE IT: $819.99 at

A nut milk maker


You heard that right – this nut milk maker is a way for your bespoke buddy to make almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk at home.

Who it's best for: The DIY-er

Why it's a practical gift: Fewer additives and less waste on cartons betters the environment while improving your life. 

Buyers are saying: "Love making it at home and it tastes great and saving on waste from the cartons of cardboard and plastic. Highly recommend it!" – Jenny T.

SEE IT: $245.00 at

“Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman


This book by Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman imparts lessons on human nature and provides a new way to approach problem-solving.

Who it's best for: The brainiac in your life

Why it's a practical gift: It grants someone a new way of thinking 

Buyers are saying: "This is an invaluable book that every person who considers themselves educated should read - even study." – John R.

SEE IT: $19.69 at

A nightlight


Turning on the light in the bathroom at night can mess up someone's whole circadian rhythm – so check out this LED toilet rim light with 16 colors, motion sensor, and light sensing technologies.

Who it's best for: A tiny bladder pal

Why it's a practical gift: You don't have to put it on the toilet, this nightlight is usable everywhere

Buyers are saying: "If you don't want to turn on the light when you have to go to the bathroom, then this is for you." – Rene U.

SEE IT: $11.82 at

A little helper


For the desk snackers, try out this mini crumb-sweeping portable vacuum cleaner – it's cordless and comes in four colors.

Who it's best for: The messy one

Why it's a practical gift: It saves so much time cleaning 

Buyers are saying: "Great for kids' desks. They enjoy cleaning up their crumbs." - April

SEE IT: $13.95 at

A reading pillow

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With adjustable memory foam and three colors, this reading pillow is great for any couch, chair, or bed.

Who it's best for: The relaxer

Why it's a practical gift: It gives great support for a sore back 

Buyers are saying: "This pillow is super sturdy and durable, and doesn't really lose shape either. I like how you can customize it as well by removing some of the foam out of it." - Alayna

SEE IT: $37.99 at

Light up your life


Let your coworker be the talk of your next meeting with a ring light for phones and computers that's USB-compatible.

Who it's best for: The Zoom-a-holic

Why it's a practical gift: It makes any conference call look more professional 

Buyers are saying: "For the price, this unit does everything I need and works well. I would buy it again." – Kimberly G.

SEE IT: $39.98 at

A personal masseuse


This massage gun and deep tissue massager has 14 different heads to soothe tension and relieve aches and pains.

Who it's best for: The perpetually edgy

Why it's a practical gift: They'll sleep better at night and feel more relaxed all day

Buyers are saying: "I must say, it was worth the purchase and can save money on massage visits or to perform maintenance care in-between massage visits. Go ahead and purchase, it's worth it and at a steal of a price." – A.C.

SEE IT: $69.99 at

A bougie pillowcase


These marbled silk pillowcases that preserve the integrity of hair and skin come in 31 colors and 3 sizes – you can even get them embroidered.

Who it's best for: The luxurious napper

Why it's a practical gift: Less time at the hair salon with split ends 

Buyers are saying: "Hair and skin look fresh after sleeping and the silk is cool and so soft." – Anna B.

SEE IT: $44.99 at

A warm coffee


For cold days, this heated coffee mug comes in four colors, is waterproof, and has an app you can use to change the temperature.

Who it's best for: The caffeine addict

Why it's a practical gift: Saves time on reheating coffee 

Buyers are saying: "Great for busy mornings. You can make your cup and come back to it an hour later and it's still perfect." - Jett

SEE IT: $143.95 at

Resistance bands


Say goodbye to flimsy bands that snap – these Tribe resistance bands are made of stronger stuff that will last a long time.

Who it's best for: The serious exerciser

Why it's a practical gift: No more constantly replacing broken bands

Buyers are saying: "These are very durable and have a woven fabric. Inside rubber lining prevents slippage." – Steve S.

SEE IT: $17.97 at

A couple's datebook


This adventure challenge for couples includes surprise date ideas that infuse spontaneity, fun and romance in a relationship.

Who it's best for: The lovebirds

Why it's a practical gift: It remakes a spark in relationships

Buyers are saying: "This book is so adorable and really lets you be creative with dates! Before scratching off, they give you an idea of cost, time, and if you need to travel out or stay in which I like because it keeps it a mystery yet prepares you slightly." – Rachel 

SEE IT: $59.99 at

A personal planner


Get your organized friend a good old Moleskin planner; they're reliable, affordable, and useful all year round.

Who it's best for: The regimented friend

Why it's a practical gift: It organizes your whole life – you can't get much more practical than that!

Buyers are saying: "It fits neatly in my purse or backpack, and I can easily view what is scheduled for the remainder of the year- as well as look backward for reminders." – Jennifer S.

SEE IT: $19.81 at

A kitchen collaborator


This attractive wooden cookbook stand is adjustable for actual cookbooks and iPads.

Who it's best for: Old-school and new-school cooks

Why it's a practical gift: It makes Christmas dinner a whole lot easier

Buyers are saying: "Bottom line is I love it and wish I had purchased this sooner" - Wendy

SEE IT: $23.99 at

A tiny trash can

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So cute! This set of two mini car trash cans has lids and push-button tops, so your garbage doesn't spill everywhere.

Who it's best for: The messiest friend

Why it's a practical gift: No more hours spent cleaning a messy car 

Buyers are saying: "Great tiny garbage can for the door or cup holder of your car." - Kim

SEE IT: $47.41 at

A fluffy meditation pad


For your most zen friend, this yoga meditation mat comes in seven calming colors.

Who it's best for: The yoga guru

Why it's a practical gift: It can be used for work, leisure, or exercise

Buyers are saying: "The mat is incredibly soft and feels so good on the skin. The pillow is very firm yet so supportive… I could sit for hours!" – Octavia J.

SEE IT: $69.90 at

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