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The Best Christmas Gifts for Executives And Aspiring CEOs
Business man at Christmas

The Best Christmas Gifts for Executives And Aspiring CEOs

So you’re friends with a soon-to-be CEO. They were probably the ones who nailed finance class, who led the charge in Model UN, and own more pressed shirts than you ever will in your life. It’s the friend who you joke will probably run Google one day but realistically, you may not be too far off.


It’s tough to find a gift that matches that friend's drive and entrepreneurial spirit. After all, one day, they may be the girl or guy who has everything (including a Fortune 500 company), so what do you get them right now?

As we suggest with most gifts, you don't have to stun them with gifts that bust open your bank accounts. The secret to gifting is to look to thoughtful gifts that will leave a memorable experience. Think a book, like Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, that will leave an impression on them. While not a huge monetary commitment, a good inspiring read is something they can dog-ear again and again, and always think of you. Perhaps a gadget that can make their day-to-day at work a little bit smoother, like a portable battery to keep them charged through meeting after meeting.

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You could also think gifts that will act as their P.A. as they climb their way up the ladder, either figuratively (like a great watch to keep them on time) or literally (like Amazon’s Alexa, that will order their cabs and keep an eye on the weather).

No matter if they’re clocking in as the big boss right now or if they will be doing so in a few years, here are presents that match their mentality.

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A Watch


No matter where you are at in your career, being late should never be an option. For just a tiny fraction of a Rolex, MVMT watches are designed to match your life movements, be it heading into the office, catching in a quick gym session or after-work drinks. Designed to last, each piece is made with a battery powered chronograph, adjustable, interchangeable leather straps, and mineral crystal glass.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People


Though first published in 1936, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is still words have stood the test of time: over 80 years later and it's still the go-to manual for not only those in a mental rut, but those who are looking to step ahead in their career. Key takeaways include obviously, how to win friends and influence people, but also, how to increase your influence and prestige.

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Bulletproof Coffee


If you thought coffee was the key to getting out of bed, meet Blend’s Brain Octane Oil. This power duo not only includes a bag of whole bean coffee from BulletProof Coffee (that notably, is farmed and tested against 27 toxins normally found in coffee) but also includes the brand’s now-signature Brain Octane: a product distilled from 100% pure coconut oil to help burn body fat and convert facts to quick sources of energy. Like you would a protein powder, you can blend Brain Octane into your smoothie, or sip it before bed to support a deeper sleep.

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The Alchemist


One of the best selling books of all time, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist follows the fables of Santiago, a young shepherd boy on a search for a storied buried treasure. While the quest is an advantageous one, the story really follows the folks Santiago meets along the way. Each teaches him an important lesson about the preciousness of life and the importance of following your passions and reaching your true potential.

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The Power of Now


Forever a timeless guide to your next steps, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now helps the reader harness the power of now and relearn how to enjoy each and every moment. Part self-help book part motivational guide, The Power of Now pushes the importance of carpe diem.

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Mophie External Battery


One of the tough parts of being in charge is that if things start going awry, it leans to you to put them back together. Meaning, there’s no time for a phone with a faltering battery. Mophie’s rechargeable 10,000MaH battery pack is designed to hit the road with you wherever you go, and restore your phone to talk and email longer than ever. The full battery pack is just larger than an iPhone, meaning it can slip smoothly into your pants pocket, blazer pocket, or into a briefcase.

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Amazon Echo


Call an Uber, read you your emails, check the forecast, book a flight: the Amazon Echo is designed to lift some of those everyday tasks off your shoulder. The voice-controlled speaker leverages Amazon’s Alexa feature to react to voice commands, be it ordering a pizza or tracking your fitness. The Echo’s speakers have a rich, thick sound so you can stream your favorite music via Amazon Music, Pandora, or Spotify.

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Foam Roller


Booking a masseuse isn't your only answer to addressing overworked muscles and stress tension, especially if you’re not on an executive budget just yet. Using a strong foam roller to roll out the tension in your body, you can penetrate tense muscles, easing muscle pain and calm down overworked muscles. Stress aside, a foam roller is a great way to instantly warm up and cool down muscles pre- and post-workout.

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Frank And Oak Style Plan


The style plan by the much-loved Canadian staple-wear brand looks to upgrade wardrobes with expert recommendations by sartorially savvy guys. Monthly or bi-monthly, the style plan sends a box of three items curated to the answers of a style survey you fill out when you first start. After receiving, you can choose to accept the pieces or pick form an additional 9 recommendations. Not only do you get a deep discount via the Style Plan, but being a member also allows you access to a full range of discounts to regular Frank and Oak collections.

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The Five-Minute Journal


What a difference five short minutes makes: by committing five minutes a day to collecting your positive thoughts, the Five-Minute Journal can show improvements in your mood and energy almost immediately. With a journal full of small prompts, this journal pushes you to cultivate the positivity around you. With sections dedicated to waking up and to closing down your day, you can use the journal to begin the day on the right foot or wind down after a long day.

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Soma Water Bottle


Never place that bodega plastic water bottle on your desk again: a sleek bottle from Soma will not only help you hydrate through meeting after meeting, but it won’t be an eyesore on the conference room table or for the environment. Made with recycled bamboo for the lid, BPA-free, shatter-resistant glass for the center, you can feel good knowing not only the bottle is made with sustainable materials, but with every bottle purchased, a donation is made to water projects in developing countries. Big enough to hold 17-ounces worth of water, it hits the perfect center of big enough to hold enough water to hydrate you, but small enough to still slip into your gym bag.

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