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The Best Christmas Gifts for People Who Are Always Traveling
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The Best Christmas Gifts for People Who Are Always Traveling

We all have that friend who is constantly jet-setting, bringing with them countless Instagram posts of dreamy beaches, days worth of exotic travel stories, and a glowing tan in the middle of the winter. Yes, we're jealous. When it comes to gifting season, what do you get gifts for people who travel? Realistically, plane tickets are probably a bit out of the budget when it comes to travel gifts.


So what do you get the person on the go? There are two main directions you could go. Firstly, you could look for travel gifts that make their life easier when they are traversing the world. Like a Kindle, so they don't have to weigh down their bag with books, or a travel pillow to help aid their sleep. Away's high-tech luggage will be much appreciated by both the luxury traveler and the friend who goes for the more rugged approach.

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Or, you could look at gifts that inspire them. A scratch map so they can track their adventures, a quality camera to capture every moment or a travel guide to help them scheme up their next trip.

Either way, the traveler is looking for a gift that will fulfill their wanderlust. Here, our favorite gifts for travelers.



Yes, the feeling of cracking open a new book and diving in is glorious. More realistically, heavy books are just going to weigh down your suitcase, especially if you plan to tackle a few books on your trip. Kindle's 6'' e-reader is smaller and thinner than ever before, with a battery that will hold a charge for weeks. With the capacity for thousands of books, it's set to take you through a trip or two (or five).

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Eat Pray Love

This is a book that has inspired thousands before to pack a bag and start anew. The tale follows Elizabeth Gilbert, a woman living the American dream, as she realizes her outward success isn't making her truly happy. She leaves her life, packs a bag, and leaves on three different journeys: to find pleasure in Italy, devotion in India, and a balance of the two in Bali.

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1,000 Places to See Before You Die


For the friend who is always scheming on the next locale to go, they will appreciate the inspiration this guidebook will bring. Packed in the pages are 1,000 different places that are well worth planning a trip to, whether you like wandering European streets or rather an adventurous vacation. For each place, the authors lay out not only the city to visit, but amazing experiences, the best hikes, and the best local spots for dining and drinking (and within all budgets!).

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Carry-on Cocktail


Long haul or short flight, flying is strenuous, so why not take the edge off a little by pouring yourself a cold one. While most in-flight options of spirits and beverages leave much to be desired, upgrade your watery G&T with Carry-On Cocktails' to-go kits. Each one of the TSA-approved kits includes all you need to elevate those little bottles of spirits. This Moscow Mule kit contains a spoon/muddler, a tiny measuring jigger, ginger syrup, and even a little linen coaster. If Vodka isn't your speed, Carry-On Cocktail also includes a margarita, an Old Fashioned, a Hot Toddy, a Bloody Mary, and a Champagne Cocktail recipes, in single servings or double.

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I Was Here Travel Journal


For capturing every detail of the trip, "I Was Here" travel journal lets you to detail your trip through a series of out-of-the-box prompts that encourage you to find neat details they wouldn't normally notice, like license plates or local cooking tools. The journal also prompts you to take in a city in a new way, like shooting photos from your hip or asking locals to draw you a map. It's not your traditional journal, but it's a load of fun to fill in.

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Scratch Map


For the traveler who is always ready to set out again, this Scratch Off World Map lets you display your travels by scratching off places you have passport stamps from. Poster-sized, the map will roll out on your wall so you can scratch off every destination as you visit them. For the places you haven't visited yet, a gold marker can highlight the next few planned trips.

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Away Luggage


This is not your college duffle: Away's hi-tech pieces are equipped with everything you've ever needed in a suitcase. Ultra-durable construction means your belongings will arrive in one piece, a combination lock means they stay where they need to be, and 360 wheels will making running through the airport that much easier. Phone dying? Away has a built-in, TSA-approved charger. It's that good.

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Olloclip iPhone Lens


Worried about carrying around an expensive camera and your pricey phone? Olio upgrades your iPhone camera with the aid of an adaptable phone lens that clips right over your regular lens. DSLR quality, the lens will turn your food pictures and portraits into blog-worthy images. Plus, the adaptable clip will fit over any phone cases so you won’t have to worry about drops or falls.

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Instax Mini


Capture every moment, from the everyday to the out-of-this-world. While camera is analog, the 1:1 square format specifically designed to line-up perfectly with your Instagram feed. The camera feeds regular Polaroid paper, available at most film retailers and on Amazon, and includes three color filters that fit over your flash and give your photos an orange, purple, or green hue.

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Sleeping Mask


Unwinding after a long day of sightseeing can be tough in a bed that's not your own, but the calming scent of lavender in this silken sleep mask will help. 100% hypoallergenic silk eye pillow includes a refillable little pouch where you can fill with soothing herbs. The ultra-comfy mask will help lull you to sleep in a hotel room, on a plane, or wherever else you need to get shuteye.

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The World Atlas of Street Food


You don't need to sit down at a five-star space to have a meal you'll forever dream about. The World Atlas of Street Food did the footwork, gathering mouth-watering dishes from street vendors around the world, testing every vendor to find the best cheap, cheerful and delicious meals. Think Kati Rolls in India, souvlaki in Athens, and ceviche in Peru, all accompanied by tales of the dishes' histories, recipes and stunning full-page images.

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Trtl Travel Pillow


While this may look like the weirdest pillow you've ever seen, it was specifically designed for sleeping upright. Though it is technically a pillow, it's designed to look just like a scarf, wrapping around your neck to provide support and keep your head from nodding off into an uncomfortable position. Plus, the fleecey construction means you can toss it in a regular laundry cycle when it comes time to wash it.

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Khataland YoFoMat


Designed for the Yogi on the go, YoFoMat folds into the size of a book so you can pack it with you wherever you go. Think beachy Namaste, or just a proper sun salutation on your hotel room floor. Designed to be used anywhere, the mat is made of non-skid material to provide the utmost stability.

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Mophie Powerstation


Heaven forbid your phone drops below 20%, but when you're constantly on the go, it can happen far too easily. Mophie's series of portable chargers are equipped to keep your phone to charge so you can keep relying on it to take photos, direct you the right way, or send emails back home. The rechargeable 10,000Mah battery is slim enough to fit in backpack or pants pocket and will recharge a phone to full battery three times, or a tablet once. Two different ports let you charge two devices simultaneously.

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Anywhere Travel Guide Cards


For the traveler who likes to explore without a plan, Anywhere Travel's quirky cards will act as their guide. Each card has a command for where to go next, be it "Ask the next person you see their favorite street" to "buy a coffee for a stranger", Meet the spontaneous new way to explore a city like a local.

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