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What It Takes to Organize a Charity Event

What It Takes to Organize a Charity Event

Local communities can be advanced through various charity events. The end goals of such occasions can vary, but they are usually geared towards raising a specific amount of assets or goods to help a certain group of people. So, if a local business decides to organize a community-supporting event, it’s a great effort for two reasons. Firstly, they will help their neighbors and secondly, they will expand their business influence, as well. But what features should you cover in order to create a profitable and successful charity campaign?

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What It Takes to Organize a Charity Event

Determine where you want to get

The word campaign was used in the previous part on purpose, because the organization of such an occasion is a demanding process that requires thorough preparations. Speaking more precisely, the final gathering is only the peak of a long-term course of actions. In order to perform those actions in a desired way, the final goals have to be set beforehand.

  • Who are you fundraising for? Be it a school, a kindergarten, a public nursing home, or any other facility, it has to be determined in advance. The type of sponsors and donors will depend on that decision.
  • What are the assets for? Apart from the facility, you have to set the specific purpose to which the assets or goods raised at the event will be directed, e.g. equipping a public school with a cafeteria.
  • How much is enough? Due to people’s concerns over charity frauds, make sure your entire campaign and the event are transparent. Therefore, you have to set how much is enough for that event. Also, do that in collaboration with the managers of the facility you’re raising funds for.

Negotiate the sponsorships

A small business cannot finance such occasions on their own. What this means is that you will have to form a trust of sponsors. If you pay attention to commercials announcing charity events, you’ll see it’s a common practice. However, it’s not always easy to win their trust, since those business pillars of your local community are often afraid of being scammed and losing their reputation. This is exactly why you should pay them a visit only when you’ve prepared the detailed plan of the event. Moreover, invite a representative from the facility you’re doing it for to join you at the meetings with the potential sponsors. You will both look more credible if you show up together.

Launch media promotion

Apart from the event itself and business donors, every fundraising campaign needs to have a public part, as, well. Consequently, launching a media promotion will inform the public on this good cause and engage them to participate in it. As an organizer, you will need to open a special bank account for the donations. This number should always appear in every single ad for the event, with a short call to action that will invite conscientious citizens to make their contributions, as well.

What’s more, you should add a real-time donations calculator to your charity website (or the business one), so as to let people know how much you’ve collected in every single moment and keep things completely transparent.

Check out different venues

One of the key factors that determine the success of such an effort is the place where you host the event. Although it’s clear that your budget will be limited, this place has to meet some basic needs. Firstly, its ventilation system has to be immaculate. Secondly, check the heating system if it’s winter. Thirdly, the toilets should meet the standards for such large events. Also, the parking lot needs to accommodate the vehicles of all the attendees. In addition, it’s much simpler if the venue managers take care of the catering. However, always try the food beforehand and make a strict deal on the menu. Every cent is important here.

So, take your guest list and compare the figures to see if the venue capacities satisfy all your event needs. Doing so will ensure that you choose a corporate function venue with tasteand leave a great impression on your guests.

Categorize the invitees

At every event you have attending donors and those that can’t attend the event. However, the latter usually also make contributions, so pay attention to them, too. For instance, send them a thank-you card for their contributions.

Secondly, arrange the ones that confirm their presence in accordance with their interests. For instance, group the donors from the same field of work together. That way they will also get a chance to expand their business connections and have some fun along.

Although children are often the main reason for such occasions, raising funds for charity is no child’s play. It needs to be a transparent process, yet impactful and efficient in attracting sponsors, donors and contributors. The tips given in this piece should help you organize your event and collect enough assets to make your community a better place.

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