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Two Adult Women Fat-Shame Teen in Public - Instead of Feeling Sad, She Decides to Get Revenge
Teenager Fat-Shamed in a Bakery Bought All the Cupcakes as Revenge
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Two Adult Women Fat-Shame Teen in Public - Instead of Feeling Sad, She Decides to Get Revenge

Nineteen-year-old Vega Blossom bought all the cupcakes to teach the women a lesson for being rude and hurtful.

Vega Blossom was planning to buy six cupcakes from Designer Desserts, Indiana, a local bakery having an end-of-day sale. But when the customer behind her fat-shamed her, she changed her mind and served her some revenge.

“There was a lady in front of me getting a cake and a lady behind me with her friend as I was waiting in line. The lady in front of me took FOREVER getting her cake and the lady behind me was being really impatient and rudely talking about it,” Blossom wrote in a Facebook post that went viral.

How Two Adult Women Treated a 19-Year-Old at a Bakery

row of donuts and bagels
Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov

When it was the 19-year-old’s turn to order, she heard the woman behind her tell her friend, “Thank god, now let’s hope this fat b---h doesn’t buy all the cupcakes,” Blossom wrote.

It cost her $54 but Blossom taught the ladies a lesson about respecting others. "As soon as I heard that, I BOUGHT EVERY DAMN CUPCAKE. I SPENT $54 ON CUPCAKES JUST TO BE A B---H."

Vega recalled how the comment made her feel.

"It really hurt my feelings. How could these grown women be so mean to someone they’ve never met, let alone talked to?" she told Caters News.

Adam Wiltfang, the bakery's owner, also expressed his anger about the rude women's behavior.

"Designer Desserts-Valparaiso is a BULLY FREE ZONE and WILL NOT TOLERATE these disgusting types of attitudes," he wrote on Facebook.

He also asked the rude customers to unfollow his bakery's page.

Blossom said the two women sneered at her as she walked out of the store with the 20 mega-sized cupcakes — each the size of three regular cupcakes.

"I looked the pair straight in the eye and asked, ‘Could you please open the door for me? My hands are a bit full."

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Photo by Brian Chan on Unsplash

Blossom, a Starbucks barista, shared the cupcakes with her colleagues, friends and family.

Unfortunately, the hateful comments didn't end that day. Although commenters on her viral Facebook post were mostly supportive, some continued to fat-shame and bully her with one commenter going as far as telling her to kill herself.

Thankfully, Blossom had words for them too.

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“You are a grown man who took time to look me up, find my Facebook and send me a message with what intent? To hurt my feelings? I can always lose weight but you will always be an ugly person inside," she commented.

The icing on the cupcake? Fat shaming is a form of bullying and discrimination. Hopefully, by bravely calling out bullies, stories like this will remind people that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


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