Terry Crews is one of those Hollywood celebrities we always love to hear or read about. Named as TIME’s Person of the Year for 2017, Crews went from broke to sweeping floors to becoming insanely successful.

Terry survived a horrible childhood as he grew up with an abusive alcoholic father, but he didn’t let those negative experiences limit his growth nor his success. While he admits his journey was sometimes painful, he also says that it has taught him a lot of priceless lessons.

Crews is a 6’3″ charismatic and positive guy with an incredible energy. He is an actor, artist, fitness enthusiast and former American football player. He’s constantly learning, tries to be a better person and motivates others to take action by seeing him take action.

In 2014, Crews published his autobiography Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-or Just Live with One, where he shares everything he’s learned while rising to fame and provides a great deal of advice for men everywhere.

Here are 20 motivational Terry Crews quotes on success and manning up.

Dreams do come true. It takes a lot of work. But it can happen.

The reality is you get zero points for intentions.

What I’ve discovered as I’ve worked to finally grow up and become a better person, while making peace with my past, is that anger can trick us.

I needed to be broken. Because the moment when you’re broken is the moment when you can see what’s really happening.

No is negotiable. I can actually change where I go and how I get there. I can actually make my way over to the other side. It’s up to me.

But trying to be perfect will leave you empty-handed, whereas trying to do your best will keep you fulfilled.

I’ve learned to validate another person’s feelings, and validate who they are, without losing anything of myself or letting my boundaries be compromised.

From now on, I’m taking my shot…No matter what, I’m taking my shot.

We may have interests and desires, but we still have to work hard to improve our abilities.


You take action based on where you want to be, not based on where you are.

Every experience I have in my life begins in my head, and it’s up to me to be positive, and learn, and grow, and make it all worthwhile.

All a kid needs is one good word from someone he believes. It’s not necessary to have anything more than that.

We’ll spend all the time we can find on our careers. But we need to be spending more time studying how to be a great husband, how to be a great father, how to be a great man.

The best you can do is always good. I realized you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be faithful in you attempts.

Never let anyone define you. You are the only person who defines you. No one can speak for you. Only you speak for you. You are your only voice.

My mantra is: Humble yourself. Discover what your monsters are. Be honest with yourself.

We determine our core value. We do. And we have to keep that value strong, no matter what.

Once I began to have compassion for myself, and my family, and everyone I encounter, it changed everything.

Never stop being you. I am out to be the best me can be. Do what you love and you will be badass.

And that’s the real secret to manhood: having the courage to be man enough to support the ones who make you great.