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Enter in Google search terms about getting rich, finding true love, saving money, getting fit, or finding the love of your life, and you will find unlimited lists of blogs. However, what if you simply want to be a happier person? That’s harder to find.

I have gathered for you, blogs that are dedicated to a holistic approach to happiness and well-being. These are only suggestions, however, I suggest to keep on reading more and more blogs to find the top ten blogs that you identify with the most to become a happier person.


Top 10 Blogs About Happiness

1. Greater Good: Science of a Meaningful Life

This blog and academic resource comes courtesy of UC Berkeley. It was created with the goal of leveraging academic knowledge for the greater good. Namely, to promote concepts such as gratitude, mindfulness, and altruism.

2. TedBlog

You’ve probably watched TedTalks online. They cover a variety of topics from science and technology to fulfillment and forgiveness. TedBlog is the continuation of this, and a great resource for you to explore topics related to personal happiness, joy, and well-being.

Because other topics are covered here as well, you will have to do a bit of digging to find posts specifically on the topic of happiness, but it is well worth the search.

3. Fulfillment Daily

Learning resilience, improving your daily mood, finding inner peace, and improving your relationships; these are just a few of the topics that are covered on the Fulfillment Daily blog. Even better, the posts on this site all contain scientific data backing up the advice therein.

If you are seeking advice that has a strong scientific backing, this is the site for you.

4. Tiny Buddha

Sometimes you need a spoonful of great advice. Sometimes you are ready for an entire bowlful of the stuff. That’s what makes Tiny Buddha so great. If you only have the time or emotional energy for bit of motivation, you can hit them up for an inspirational quote or piece of advice. If you want more, you can dive into a detailed blog post about love, relationships, happiness, or career success.

5. ZenHabits

Esthetically, this is probably the simplest blogs you will ever come across. You won’t find many visuals here. What you will find are simple, thoughtful posts on the behaviors and habits that you can adopt to live a happier life. The simplicity of the blog really enhances the touching, insightful nature of the posts within. It’s not surprising that it has emerged as one of the top websites in its niche.

6. The Utopian Life

This is both a blog and a wellness community that produces as well as curates a variety of posts and articles on happiness, peace of mind, wellness, and other topics. Because the offerings here are so rich and varied, you could literally spend days just reading here and participating in the community.

If you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to reading blogs, you might consider making this one your ‘go-to site’.

7. MindBodyGreen

This lifestyle website is another one that can serve as a bit of a one stop shop for all things related to happiness and personal well being. Some may be put off by the volume of content and the somewhat promotional nature of it all, but the truth is there is a lot of stuff here that is really valuable for anyone wanting to live a happier life.

8. Elephant Journal

There is no shortage of great content at Elephant Journal, however, the focus of the site boils down to one thing that is key to happiness: “What can you do right now to make your life better?”

The site is run by Waylon, a Yoga expert, and enthusiast, but it is designed to be accessible to everybody no matter where they are on their path to fulfillment. In one sitting, you can enjoy posts about meditation, family life, or finding happiness in little things. The possibilities are endless.

 9. LifeHack

That is correct! LifeHack has made our top ten list. Sure, there are plenty of posts on technology, and do it yourself projects. However, the site also has a surprising number of posts with tips for living a happier life. Bookmark it, then take a look around.

 10. WellnessMama

This is a wellness and natural living blog. However, once you scratch beneath the surface, you will see that it’s really a blog focused on happy living. You’ll love the accessible approach to living a healthy life with the simple goal of happiness and longevity.

Now, It’s On You

You may be wondering how the blogs were chosen or why some didn’t make the list. The overall criteria were that each blog must either focus specifically on happiness or have enough variety of positive content that readers could use it as a source of improving their overall happiness and wellbeing. That being said, at the end of the day, I have shared these blogs with you to help you find your own venue to find new ways to lead a greater and happier life. It’s on you now to read the content that reaches out to you and will help you reach your goal in becoming a happier person.