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Tupac's Last Love Letter To Madonna Revealed

Madonna and Tupac Shakur shared a secret and special love - so special that when Tupac was sentenced to prison, Madonna was the first person to run to his side. So why did Tupac end it all? And what was inside his heartbreaking last love letter to Madonna?

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Ke Huy Quan Reunites With Harrison Ford After His 25 Year Nightmare

Ke Huy Quan is back after 25 years but who forced him to quit in the first place? Ke was starring in the biggest movies in the world, working alongside Harrison Ford, when he suddenly vanished. But our team uncovers the nightmare Ke was living after he left. The world forgot about Ke for 25 years. Until he came back with a surprising Oscar nomination. Our team gets to the truth behind his disappearance and what he had to overcome to win his Oscar.