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Man Crosses Paths With Fellow Uber Eats Delivery Driver - Their Conversation Reveals Something Shocking
Uplifting News

Man Crosses Paths With Fellow Uber Eats Delivery Driver - Their Conversation Reveals Something Shocking

A whole new meaning to putting yourself in someone else's shoes

Instagram account @bikingDC is putting a new twist on what it means to be an influencer.

Instead of showing off flashy cars, expensive watches, or lavish vacations — account admin aka UberEats delivery driver, Joshua Cavallero has a different mission — and it's beautiful.

During a routine pickup, Cavallero was shocked when he crossed paths with a fellow UberEats cyclist "grinding" on a broken foot.

So he decided to help make his day — and his rent cheque!

Who Is @bikingDC?

With over 1M followers it's safe to say @bikingDC has an impressive reach, but not for the reason you think.

The 26-year-old is, by all standards, just a regular guy. So how does he get so many people invested in his day-to-day life?

His hook is simple really.

It all started during the summer of 2022. With the help of his GoPro, @bikingDC has recorded over 400 videos sharing what his day looks like as a delivery cyclist in Washington, DC.

His adventures around the city have made him somewhat of a local celebrity and have even spurred a series of copycats. But the main purpose of this account is to demonstrate and expose what it's really like in the customer service industry.

Needless to say the days can be emotionally and physically demanding, but for one fellow cyclist, the seemingly "simple" job took a whole new toll on his body.

He Was Going About His Business — Then It Turned Personal

During a routine pickup, Cavallero crossed paths with a fellow UberEats cyclist, Kevin Ross, 44.

He struck up a conversation and it didn't take long for Cavallero to notice something was really wrong with this picture.

"This guy is the definition of never giving up… I couldn’t believe that he was doing this."


Not only was Kevin Ross riding a bike with backwards wheels but he had entered the restaurant propped up by a metal walker — and the reason is heartbreaking.

A Car Crash Put Him in the Hospital for 2 Weeks

Ross had a broken foot from injuries he had sustained weeks prior in a car accident.

He spent two weeks in the hospital and accrued medical debt bills he couldn't come close to paying. To make matters worse his rent was overdue.

It was an impossible situation with seemingly no solution.

Time had already run out, so Ross did the only thing he could do. He turned on his UberEats deliveries, got on his bike with a broken foot, and pedalled to the next pickup.

The very same day he met Cavallero he had planned to ask his neighbor for a loan to avoid eviction. But fate stepped in and what happened next was even better.

"I love how humble this guy was. He was talking about doing this like it was no big deal too."


Watch the Viral Video Below:

His Followers Raised Over $2,500

The interaction was brief, but Cavallero was quick to make sure he grabbed Ross's CashApp username. Cavallero said he wanted to send him a "tip," but what he did instead was much more meaningful.

Cavallero shared video on Instagram and TikTok with his followers and the exchange racked up millions of views. In his caption he gently nudged his audience in the direction of kindness.

social media post
@bikingdc/ Instagram

The comments came pouring in...and so did the cash.

The next time Ross checked his CashApp he couldn't believe his eyes. In a matter of minutes he had received over $2,500 — there must have been a mistake; but he was wrong, in the best way!

Ross said he didn’t know at first where that money had come from. He didn’t know that Cavallero ran @bikingDC and posted his CashApp information along with the video of them meeting.

When Ross finally saw Cavallero’s post, he read through hundreds of comments.

“We Gave Our Money to the Right Guy”

“Most of the comments were people showing me love,” Ross said. “I really, really appreciate the kindness of people. Not just the money. I went through all the comments and almost all of them are positive.”

Once Ross found Cavallero's social media page, the UberEats cyclists were able to connect at a restaurant once again — but this time they weren't ordering to-go.

Ross and Cavallero met up at a local Nando's. They caught up and as a gesture of good faith Ross insisted on paying for the meal. After much protesting, Cavallero let him.

“I felt like I had to do something for him,” Ross told me. “He really helped me out and changed my life because I was struggling.”

The Giving Kept Going!

Cavallero posted the heartwarming follow-up video to his page, wrapping up this chapter with a sweet bow.

He noted while his bike was still damaged, Ross planned to save up to repair the front rack. Within in hours a generous follower (@justalivingcaitlin) had donated one to Ross herself.

Blessing Others Like We Want to Be Blessed

“I used to want to be that guy who would get caught in a giveback video, where someone would walk up to me and be like, ‘Here’s $1,000 dollars!’” Cavallero shared with the Washington Post.

Cavallero said he posted that video of Ross because he respected him. He also could relate to him. He himself started delivering for UberEats after he lost his job and needed to pay his bills.

“I was so broke. I wanted someone to bless me. But it’s amazing to be able to be the person blessing people. Now, I’m the guy who can put someone’s CashApp out there with a sincere story and use my platform to get them back on their feet.”

Cavallero's story is a great reminder that while we may not have the power to handout infinite cash to all those in need, we do have the power to bless others the way we want to be blessed, in ways both big and small.

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