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Why Alicia Keys Never Uses The Word If

Why Alicia Keys Never Uses The Word If

Alicia Keys - When? Video


"I never thought that the things I was saying just nonchalantly as a joke were actually creating what was gonna happen for me in my life. When I thought about it, and when I actually internalized it, I was realized, "Wow, I say if a lot, or I say probably won't a lot."

I don't want to say those anymore, so I decided to take ... Like I don't even use the word if. Anybody around me using the word if, I'm always saying, "You mean when? You mean when?" I don't even believe in the word if. I don't think it should exist, that word.

I really appreciate having been exposed to that concept the words that we speak, the things that we say in our life, the things that I say in my life every day is really ... you're building your road with those words."

- Alicia Keys

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