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Interabled Couple Defies All Odds And Stereotypes With Soulmate Love Story
Winston Ben Clements & Wife Mayfair
Uplifting News

Interabled Couple Defies All Odds And Stereotypes With Soulmate Love Story

Many people with the disease Winston Ben Clements has don't live past childhood. But not only has he managed to push past his health restrictions, he's also found love.

Little chance to live past childhood

You know how much it hurts to break a leg? Try doing that every single month for 12 years.

Winston Ben Clements was born with a rare disease that makes his bones brittle, called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), which has led to some 200 bone fractures in his life, according to his website. But he refused to let his health issues limit his life.

Clements is a university graduate, a consultant and a world-renowned public speaker with his own TED Talk.

But there was something Clements wanted and didn't have, until he did — a wife and a family.

Finding true love

In November 2020, Winston married Mayfair in what looked like a beautiful ceremony.

Linda Ikeji's Blog shared Mayfair's words of how she met — and fell in love with — Winston.

"I remember the exact moment I fell in love with you. We had just wrapped up our first @tldmmastermind event and we could both feel it in our bones - we’d stumbled on something magic," she wrote.

"After that we talked the whole night, too tired and too connected to filter anything
and for the first time I saw you. Like really saw you. Not as the speaker. Not as the motivator. Not as the guy in the wheelchair. Not even as my friend."

"I saw you," Mayfair continued. "And I almost couldn’t believe just how beautifully God formed your soul. We were still friends at this time (he was deeeeeep in the friend zone). But I can’t lie, all I kept thinking was - 'wow this man is going to make an incredible dad and husband.'"

Shortly thereafter, Winston told Mayfair, “I want you on my team forever” and night months later they made it official.

Blowing past obstacles

It's no wonder Clements has become so famous around the world. Many people with OI don't make it past childhood, but like Stephen Hawking before him, he has broken through his health barriers to become a successful, motivating individual. Now, he's also a husband defying stereotypes about true love. Congratulations to both Winston and Mayfair!

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