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Woman Goes Through Her Camera Roll - Cant Believe Her Eyes When She Sees This in the Background of a Photo
black and white wedding photo and a man standing behind a smiling woman
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Woman Goes Through Her Camera Roll - Cant Believe Her Eyes When She Sees This in the Background of a Photo

Instagram went wild when wellness influencer, Jenn Chia (@soimjenn) posted a startling video that reveals her current husband lurking in the background of a selfie she snapped. Which wouldn't be a red flag at all — if it weren't for the fact that they weren't together at the time.

In fact, they wouldn't even meet for another 2 years.

The "coincidence" had fans going off with all kinds of crazy theories...but Chia had her own.

She Was Going through Her Camera Roll and Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes

Jenn Chia, 31, revealed the plot twist of a lifetime, when she created a mashup video made up of several images, taken over 10 years.

Needless to say, the video tells a pretty crazy story — and it's making us question everything we know when it comes to fate.

"I'm still shaking looking at this."

Jenn Chia, Instagram

On Oct. 10th, 2012, Chia's friend snapped a pic of her posing at what appears to be a crowded food court. Chia's head is titled while she smiles wide for the camera. She's blissfully unaware of how this seemingly simple moment she captured on camera, would blow her mind over a decade later.

In her Instagram video, Chia zooms in on a stranger hovering over her shoulder. The man has a two-strapped backpack on his shoulders and seems to be looking off in the distance.

But even in profile, this then-stranger is unmistakable.

His name is Jon Liddell — and he's Jenn Chia's future husband.

Watch Jenn Chia's Video:

After the photo of Chia snapped in October of 2012, Chia's video cuts to a photo taken of the couple, two years later in 2014.

The lovebirds are cozied up on a ferris wheel and Liddell poses with a stuffed animal he presumably won for Chia at a carnival. By the looks of it, it's a pretty swoon-worthy date!

But Chia saves the best for last.

She shares an intimate black and white photograph, taken on their wedding day. She captioned the pic simply, "Married 9 years later."

black and white picture of married couple
Jenn Chia, Instagram

It should go without saying, with an incredible twist of fate like theirs, that the comment section blew up with all kinds of responses!

Fans Were Calling It “The Invisible String Theory”

Chia's post racked up over 45,000 shares and hundreds of comments!

People from all over the world were putting in their two cents — and it's priceless. Everything from the heartfelt to the hilarious.

Instagram comments
Jenn Chia, Instagram [comments]

But perhaps the favorite theory was "The Invisible String Theory."

If you don't know what the invisible string theory is — don't worry. It may sound complicated but it's a pretty simple concept.

What’s the Invisible String Theory?

In East Asia, there exists a Chinese folklore legend known as The Red Thread of Fate. According to this myth, two individuals destined to be soulmates are said to be connected by an unseen red cord. This cord ensures that, despite the challenges of time, distance, or obstacles, they will inevitably reunite with each other.

Sounds crazy? It may just be — but when you hear a story like Chia and Liddells' it's hard not think that maybe there's something to it?

Even though The Invisible String Theory is an ancient legend, it was recently re-popularized on TikTok and we have none other than Taylor Swift to thank for that!

They Gave Taylor Swift a Little Shout Out

The massive pop star is known to leave all kinds of obscure "easter eggs" for her fans — and her album Folklore is no exception.

In her song Invisible String, Swift sings about how timing is everything and how we're all connected — and it set off an awesome TikTok trend.

TikTokers were inspired by this song to share their own love stories — before they even knew their love stories!

Including Jenn Chia are her husband, Jon Liddell. After their video went viral, they did a sweet musical tribute to how we're all connected.

The song they chose to sing was — you guessed it — T-Swizzle's Invisible String.

“The Right Person Will Find You at the Right Time”

Perhaps the best part of their rollercoaster love story is how the married couple were able to reflect on how the timing is always right, even if we don't know it yet.

Instead of wishing she'd have turned around all those years ago and spare herself two years of dating heartache — Jenn Chia sees it differently.

"We met at the right time. If it was before, I don’t think the relationship would have lasted. I was a narcissistic monster, unaware and naive. Took me a year of travelling and being single to reflect and realize my own mistakes. That’s when we met."

Jenn Chia, Instagram

Her husband, Liddell doubled down on the same sentiment.

Instagram comment
Jenn Chia, Instagram [comments]

When it comes to love, we can rush around trying to meet our soulmate or even worse — think they may not even be out there at all.

But if Jenn Chia's love story reminds of us anything, it's an anecdote for the famous words: "What is meant to be yours, will always find its way to you."

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