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Young Woman Who Cant Afford University Decides to Go to Community College Instead - Then She Opens a Letter That Changes Everything
Woman Gets Accepted Into Dream University With $104,000 Scholarship!
Uplifting News

Young Woman Who Cant Afford University Decides to Go to Community College Instead - Then She Opens a Letter That Changes Everything

One woman would achieve her dreams against all odds.

University is a huge deal. Not only is it a major learning experience, it’s also a huge financial commitment. 

That’s why when TikToker Madi (@luvlyymadiii) received letters from universities after applying, she decided to not even open them.

She had made the very hard decision to go to community college, knowing that she couldn’t afford the hefty bill that came with a university.

Why One Woman Decided to Go to Community College

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Finally, just 24 hours before final decision day, she decided to open all of the letters out of curiosity. She had already decided on community college, so opening the letter was just a way to pass the time.

That’s when she saw that her dream University, Maryville College in Tennessee, had accepted her application and offered her a $104,000 scholarship! Madi was devastated. She had already accepted that she was attending the local community college and started orientation. 

Madi was sad and frustrated. It was too late. 

Madi recorded her reaction to the letter on TikTok, and the whole situation went viral. Many commenters asked her why she hadn’t opened the letters, and the truth is -- she was overwhelmed! 

“Finds out I had a $104,000 scholarship from one of my top 3 colleges. I already decided to go to a community college bc I thought uni would be to much debt.” 

She wouldn’t have been able to afford it, and between working and finishing high school, she just needed to make a decision. Even with the discovery of the scholarship, she wasn’t sure what to do.

Some Things Are Meant to Be

That is, until Maryville College found her viral video and commented on it: “It’s not too late to come! Reach out to admissions or feel free to DM and I’ll get you in touch with the right folks!”

Other commenters were also encouraging, even though they couldn’t wrap their heads around why she wouldn’t open the letters as soon as they came in the mail. 

“You opened it a day before the decision for a reason. Go and get that uni education w/ the scholarship!! It’ll be worth it!”

Madi’s future seems to have been written in the stars. She opened the letters before the final decision day for a reason, posted on social media for a reason, and finally, accepted the offer for a reason. 

We still don’t know why, but we do know that Madi is going to do big things thanks to her education from Maryville College. When something so perfect works out against all odds, you know it's meant to be. 

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