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In Wuhan, a 103-Year-Old Woman Recovers from Coronavirus
Wuhan's Elderly Survivors
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In Wuhan, a 103-Year-Old Woman Recovers from Coronavirus

A 103-year-old Wuhan woman made a full recovery from the coronavirus, despite all the odds stacked against elderly people. She is the oldest patient to have made a recovery, along with other centenarians from the same area.

At a time when a lot in life under a pandemic can feel hopeless and stressful, a glimmer of hope has pierced through the veil of panic: a member of the highly vulnerable population, a 103-year-old grandmother, has just beaten coronavirus and returned home!

Yes, Zhang Guangfen spent just under a week in a Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, China hospital fighting the disease, and then was well enough to return home, virus free.

Wuhan's centenarians are beating the odds

According to her doctor, the woman recovered so quickly because she had no underlying health conditions, Chutian Metropolis Daily reported, sharing a video of the woman escorted out of the hospital by a group of medical workers as she was discharged on Tuesday.

Generally, older people are more at risk for complications for the disease, but that doesn’t mean it’s always hopeless. The grandmother has become the oldest person to recover so far, but she was not the only one. Recently, a 101-year-old man also beat the virus in Wuhan, right after a 98-year-old woman also recovered.

But it doesn't end here

While these centenarians benefitted from their relative good health, the more vulnerable elderly are also winning the battle. A 100-year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension and heart failure recovered from the virus in Wuhan this week after being treated by military doctors.

This obviously counters the notion that being part of the elderly population does not necessarily mean a certain doom.

I think it’s easy to get a perception that if you are older and you get this virus then you’re a goner – absolutely not, the great majority of people will recover from this virus, even if they are in their 80s.

Professor Chris Whitty to The Independent

So it’s important to remember even if you are older and not healthy, there’s always hope if you catch this deadly disease. That being said, if you are an older or immune-compromised person, don’t think you can just take your chances. This is a really serious illness and the best hope is to socially distance, isolate yourself, and avoid contact with anyone – you never know who may have the disease and not know it.

However, these incredible recoveries should help alleviate some of the panic and hopelessness. A positive mindset, with the right precautions, can go a long way.

And if you are self-isolating, here's a helpful guide to get make the most of the situation!

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