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3 Tricks To Put That Cigarette Out
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3 Tricks To Put That Cigarette Out

The first time you smoked a cigarette you probably were with friends. Some of them were already smokers, and you just felt like trying it out. It wasn’t so bad, and you continued smoking from time to time, until you bought your first pack. Well, when you buy your first, you know it’s the real deal. From that point, you start building a habit. You smoke with your coffee in the morning, after lunch, in the evening, while drinking a beer, etc. What you probably didn’t know is that tobacco is just under cocaine in the drug dependency chart (see figure). Yeah, that sucks, because it’s probably one of the reasons why you have a hard time stopping. Yes, ONE of the many reasons why. There or tons of other a factors and they all come from your commitment. So if you are ready to put that cigarette out, continue reading for three great tips to put that cigarette out once and for all.

3 tricks to put that cigarette out

3 Tricks To Put that cigarette out!

Set Yourself Short Term Reasons

Having a reason for quitting is important. You need to do this for yourself, not because someone else has told you to stop smoking. Make sure you have those reasons all setout and written down. When you find yourself struggling one day, you can look back at them and remind yourself why you’re putting yourself through this.

There are lots of reasons to stop smoking. In the long run, we all want to be healthier and want to live to see our children or grandchildren grow up. But sometimes long term motivation doesn’t help on an everyday basis. To help you out, think about what bothers you about smoking. Don’t you hate the smell on your clothes and in your hair. How about the colour of your teeth? Maybe you feel enslaved having to go out every time you need a cigarette. Or you're fed up the money that your are wasting on smokes? Remembering all these disadvantages when you feel the urge to light up will help you out.

Create a SMART Plan

One day, you can just wake-up and say that you will quit, but to really succeed, you need to create a SMART plan. To stop smoking you need more than just setting a date; you need to have measurable and achievable goals on a daily basis.

Don't know where to start? You could take the START approach, by telling your family member and friends that you are quitting. A good idea is to you can post your goal on Facebook, that way you will be more committed to get through it.

You also have to prepare for withdrawals by acknowledging that they will happen and set up a plan to combat them. You will succeed if you plan ahead.

Find a MeetUp

There is no reason for you to got through this alone. One of the best things you can do is get help and support. Your family members will likely be extra supportive, knowing how much better it can make you feel. Also, you should find a support group. If you don't know where to start, try to search "quit smoking" on MeetUp, to find support groups near you. The more people you have on your side, the easier you will find it!

So, don’t be afraid to stop smoking. You are not the only one, people have done it before you. Believe you can set yourself free. Trust that you will see success, and you will have a healthy and smoke-free life afterwards. It’s all about taking that initial step today.

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