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7 Benefits of Meditating Every Day

7 Benefits of Meditating Every Day

Did you know that some of the top executives in the world meditate? These people are not doing it for religious reasons. More and more people who reach the top are taking advantage of the benefits of meditation. It makes them more productive and allows them to better reach for their goals. There are many benefits of meditating every day, here are seven of the top ones.

The 7 Benefits of Meditating Every Day

Meditation decreases tiredness

Many studies have shown that meditation helps you stay alert and decreases tiredness. If you haven’t slept, need coffee or even want to take a nap, meditation is the best solution to keep yourself wide awake and alert. If you are really tired, I would recommend you don’t meditate as soon as you wake up in the morning because it is very difficult to stay alert during your session.

Meditation makes you smarter

In Buddha's Brain, Rick Hanson shows us that meditating helps us become more intelligent by thickening parts of the brain that are linked to attention and memory retention. As we grow older, if we do not exercise our brains, the gray matter that is responsible for language, cognition and emotional processing slowly starts to degrade but meditating can actually prevent that from happening.

Meditation eases physical and emotional pain

When you’re in physical or emotional pain, it is difficult to stay focused or concentrate on anything other than the pain. The benefits of meditation include helping you train the mind to react to the pain in a healthier manner. Once you’ve learned how to respond to the pain, you can better focus on your goals.

Meditation improves your memory

Studies show that during meditation you are activating the memory centers of your brain. The hippocampus is responsible for storing long-term memory and the prefrontal cortex is where the brain stores shorter term information. It has been shown that the connection between these two areas is what makes you retrieve information from your memory. During meditation this area is stimulated and with time it becomes more effective in getting to that information. Other studies have even linked meditation to improved memory for people with memory loss.

Meditation improves your mood

Through meditation, we can face all of our life’s struggles and difficulties with all of our focus and attention each day. When you are dealing with stress, it can put you in a negative mood and also make you become forgetful. Meditating will help you de-stress and improve your mood.

Meditation keeps you focused

Daniel Goleman, the bestselling Author of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence explains in his book that meditation will help you stay focused and teach you how to de-stress. Meditation helps you to take charge of your life also helps you gain wisdom and shows you the right path to help you succeed and reach your goals on a daily basis.

Meditation helps you become more compassionate

Being a compassionate person helps us in our daily interactions with the people around us. Meditating helps us become more compassionate, loving and forgiving as a person. With this also comes self-acceptance, as, if we are forgiving and loving towards ourselves, only then we can be forgiving and loving to other people.

The benefits of meditation bring you well-being, serenity, and also, joy. They help you live a peaceful and lighthearted life so that you can focus on your goals and accomplish much more. Meditation brings out a better person and in the end, your stress and weaknesses become your strengths.

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