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Meet the Productivity Dashboard that Can Help Take Your Business to the Next Level
How to Encourage Productivity at Work 1

Meet the Productivity Dashboard that Can Help Take Your Business to the Next Level

Today, it’s possible for a small business to compete on a global scale with the right information at the right time. And even if you're not trying to get to that level, you need access to data to make informed decisions -- the future of your business can depend on the visibility you get into certain metrics. 

How to encourage productivity at work 1

Fortunately, there is a universe of specialized applications that can help you grow sales, track visitors, pull up key data, target ideal customers, and much more. These tools can help you sharpen your competitive edge, so you can reach new growth and attain success. 

However, with the overwhelming amount of business solutions on the market, you’re now faced with a new challenge: finding the best service for your company. And implementing the use of a new platform takes time and resources, so you want to get it right. 

Enter 9 Spokes, a centralized solution that serves several business needs with one convenient tool. Here's how it works, and how it can help you take your company to the next level.

Consider it your cockpit 

Jet pilots understand the need to access real-time data.

The cockpit of a plane is a tight, focused compartment that provides pilots with decision-making tools at their fingertips -- targeting, weapons to deploy, radar, and communications. The pilot interacts with each of these key areas to make continuous data-based, tactical decisions and win. Any weakness in any of these “spokes” and the whole structure collapses.

In the same way, 9 Spokes offers you the ability to manage your business in several key areas: money, customers, product, people, marketing, sales, productivity, information, and a specialist feature. Each pillar features the best apps available on the market to improve that area of focus, and 9 Spokes vets every app that is integrated in its smart dashboard. 

With the 9 Spokes centralized dashboard, you can harmonize all these apps and tools to work together in the same way that a symphony conductor manages an orchestra. Each tool plays its part, but you act as the conductor bringing them together in harmony. 


Driving results 

Whether you need to deep-dive into Google Analytics to find sources of untapped opportunity or manage your expenses through QuickBooks, 9 Spokes allows you to integrate the tools you need to navigate your way through the treacherous waters of business. 

Want the ability to market to your customers from one focal point? No problem, add in Mail Chimp to your 9 Spokes dashboard. Need a platform to operate your e-commerce business? Add Shopify to your dashboard and simultaneously keep a close eye on KPIs. Do you need help managing your customer service requests? Plug in Zendesk’s app and/or Live Chat’s apps into your dashboard and you're good to go. 

Also, 9 Spokes goes beyond providing the ability to add apps to your toolbox. It also gives you the ability to optimize your tools as you grow. For example, if you’re a startup reaching a new level of growth and aren’t sure of what direction to take, 9 Spokes can help you personalize your service according to your unique needs. 

The Power of Pursued Simplification

There is an inherent beauty in keeping things simple. 

Steve Jobs relentlessly pursued the simplification of all of Apple’s products to make it easier for users to benefit from them. In a similar way, Henry Ford simplified car manufacturing to make cars a more accessible commodity.

Jobs simplified the ease of use for the customer, and Ford simplified the production process to drive affordability. The relentless pursuit of simplification had and still has a ground-shaking impact on the world. 

9 Spokes has achieved both the things that Jobs and Ford worked on: It's easy to use as a business owner, and it's free to join.

Find out more about 9 Spokes here.

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