People are like the fingerprints they wear, none of us are exactly the same. We each have certain things that make us different than anyone else, even close family.


Except, we may have a lot more in common than we realized, said a new study out of Northwestern University that somehow grouped the 1.5 million people who participated in the study into four simple personality-based categories.

The study was published on September 17th in The Journal Nature Human Behavior and it discovered that no matter what category we end up in, chances are at some point, we’ll move into one of the other categories anyway

So, what are the types?



The first type, is described as “average” – which we know sounds kind of basic and boring, but that’s actually not what it means. It just means that’s what the majority of people are, and are described as extroverted and “neurotic.” The study says women are more likely to be this type than men, and these people, while extroverted, are more closed off in their emotions.



These personality types are less extroverted, and tend to be more “agreeable” and emotionally stable, but also, as these people are reserved, they are generally not very open with their feelings. However, according to the study, this personality type doesn’t seem to be geared toward any specific gender more than another.



This personality type is extremely extroverted and not very agreeable. Self-centered types are usually young, and supposedly people tend to grow out of this stage with age and maturity.

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This final category is people who are more extroverted, open to others, very agreeable, conscientious, and not especially neurotic. This personality type tends to be a lot of older adults, especially women, and are often seen to be more dependable and open-minded.

So, which personality type do you think fits you best?