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Abandoned Girl Has Most Raw Reaction When She Learns She Has Officially Been Adopted
Adopted Girl

Abandoned Girl Has Most Raw Reaction When She Learns She Has Officially Been Adopted

There are some moments so pure, elated, and unimaginably amazing that the emotions running through you are indescribable.

Every single person on this planet deserves a home. Not just any home, but a permanent one. Human beings require the stability of a permanent residence filled with loved ones they can call family.

Long-awaited news

Well, one little girl’s wish to permanently find a home was made official. In a viral video posted on Reddit, the girl receives the news that she has officially been adopted.

Her reaction is a lesson to us all on the important place adoption has in our society.

The 15-second clip shows a woman exiting a room where she encounters the young girl right away. The adult prepares the child for the life-altering news and puts her arms on the child’s shoulders, then tells her that she has been adopted. Without so much as a skip in her step, the girl, clearly joyful beyond measure, jumps on the bearer of good news, begins kicking out her legs behind her in excitement, and then clutches onto the woman in a koala bear hug. When the video ends, the two are still locked in an emotional embrace.

Forever homes

While it is important for every single person on the planet to have a forever home, it is particularly essential for a child to have one. Children are vulnerable beings experiencing a great deal of growth quickly. There are a lot of unknowns and consistent changes taking place throughout childhood, which can be frightening without proper support.

In fact, a child’s relationship to their primary caregiver dictates their attachment style, which, in turn, affects the relationships that they form with others throughout the rest of their lives. Their sense of security, stability and chance for healthier relationships are greater when they have a reliable place to call home.

When there is a healthy, positive, steady and present legal guardian who truly cares for a child and provides a life for them that is reflective of that commitment and love, that child has greater chances of flourishing as adults.

This video is the reality of adoption. This young girl’s reaction is a genuine expression of gratitude, excitement, love and happiness. Behind that jump and hug are endless moments of wishing, praying and hoping for her dreams to come true.

The power of joy

Dreams can come true every day. Never stop wishing and praying and never give up hope. In an instant, your world can change for the better, and when it does, feel free to express your joy in the loudest and most expressive of ways.

Plus, joy is meant to be shared. The smile on the woman’s face who shared the news is proof. Lucky for the world, that moment was recorded, and we get to share in that immense joy as well.

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