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Little boy and security camera footage.

Abducted Boy Reveals Captor's Identity After 6-Year Ordeal

Family Handout | NDTV
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Abducted Boy Missing For 6 Years Reveals Identity of Captors — He Knew Them All Along

They say it's always someone you know.

In October 2017, 11-year-old Alex Batty set off for what was supposed to be a routine family holiday in Spain. But what started as a simple trip turned into a six-year ordeal when Alex was abducted.

He vanished without a trace, leaving his grandmother and legal guardian, Susan Caruana, in anguish. As years passed, the hope of finding Alex began to wane. Who took Alex and why?

Dragged From Place to Place

Little boy smiling.

Little boy smiling.

Greater Manchester Police via AP / 60 Minutes Australia

Alex’s new reality was a far cry from his previous life in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Forced by his captors to live off the grid, he was taken through a nomadic existence, moving between remote communes in Morocco, Spain, and France.

Adopting new identities and changing appearances, they evaded authorities at every turn. For Alex, this meant a childhood devoid of normalcy — no school, no friends, just constant movement and survival. He was compelled to adapt, working odd jobs and living off the grid to avoid detection.

Despite the dire circumstances, Alex clung to the hope of one day returning to a stable and familiar life. Could he find a way to escape this prison existence?

Plotting His Escape

As Alex grew older, the weight of his stolen childhood became unbearable. At 17, the prospect of moving to Finland prompted a critical decision — he had to escape.

Under the cover of night and rain, he set off towards Toulouse, France, but not before he left behind a note to his captors. The note was a key detail that would raise the eyebrows of investigators. Why would a prisoner write a farewell letter to their jailer? Was it a case of Stockholm Syndrome? Or was there more to this story?

With only his skateboard, a warm jacket, and some money, he embarked on a perilous journey. His goal was to find the British consulate and seek help. But as he navigated the vast French countryside, looking behind his shoulder at every turn, the question remained: Would he make it to safety?

He Had Been Walking For 4 Days

Young man wearing a hoodie.

Young man wearing a hoodie.

60 Minutes Australia

After two days of walking through the foothills of the Pyrenees, Alex was spotted by Fabien Accidini, a 26-year-old delivery driver.

Initially, Alex gave a false name, but soon revealed his true identity during their conversation. Fabien, moved by Alex’s plight, allowed him to use his phone to text his grandmother. The message was simple yet profound: “I love you, I want to come home.” Fabien then drove Alex to the police station in Revel, where he was finally identified.

How would his family react to his return, and what truths would come to light?

He Revealed His Captors' True Identity

Little boy with his mother and grandfather.

Alex Batty (pictured, right), with his mother, Melanie Batty, who is understood to be pursued by Interpol, and grandfather.

David Batty

Back in the UK, Alex’s return was met with overwhelming emotion from his grandmother, Susan Caruana, who had never given up hope. Their reunion was filled with joy and relief, but the road to recovery was just beginning. As Alex shared the truth about his years in hiding, a shocking revelation emerged — his captors were none other than his own mother, Melanie Batty, and his grandfather, David Batty.

Alex revealed they had abducted him to live a life free from governmental influence and societal norms, driven by their anti-government and anti-vaccination beliefs. The betrayal cut deep, but Alex was determined to move forward. Could he overcome the long-term effects of his extraordinary journey?

Moving Forward — "You Are Capable of Anything"

Alex Batty’s story is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the hardships and years lost, he emerged stronger and more determined to create a better life.

His journey from abduction to freedom highlights the enduring power of hope and the importance of never giving up, no matter how dire the circumstances. As Alex moves forward, his story serves as an inspiration to others facing their own battles, reminding us all that even in the darkest times, there is always a path to a brighter tomorrow. Alex’s courage and perseverance are a beacon of hope, proving that with strength and determination, we can overcome any obstacle.

“Throughout this journey, I’ve had two main goals: to find a better future for myself and to share my story to inspire others to never give up,” Alex said. “Today, I can proudly say that I’m on the path to achieving both. I hope my experience will remind others that no matter how long it takes or how hard it may be, with determination and by using your voice, you’re capable of anything."

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