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Alicia Keys: Take the Time to Listen to Your Heart
Alicia Keys: Take the Time to Listen to Your Heart
Emotional Health

Alicia Keys: Take the Time to Listen to Your Heart

Alicia Keys - Embrace Who You Are

Alicia Keys says the key to success is to give yourself the time and space you need to really find out who you are by listening to your heart and embracing your difference.


"I think that strangely, less is more."


"I've found that I really embrace just not doing too much ... not doing too much, and just really find who you are. Find who you are, and don't be so worried about who everybody else around you is ..."


... what people tell you you should be like, or act like, or think like, or talk like. Really try to find it out for yourself, and figure out what really resonates with you, and what you feel. You know it. When you know something's right for you, you feel it.

"I think a lot of times we talk ourselves out of it. We say, 'Oh, I don't know. My friends feel different.' Or, 'My boyfriend feels different.' Or, 'My mother says this.' So we don't get a chance to really explore who we are. That's one of the things ... That's one of my most recently learned keys to success, is really understanding who you are and embrace it."

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