Amy Poehler – Be of Service

Amy Poehler reminds us of all the children in the world who have nothing, and urges us to find our own happiness in helping those who need it most.


There are so many children in the world who have nothing. They have nothing. They have no one who lights up when they walk into a room. They have no clothes, and safety and food. They have nothing. Who are we to be in this room and to be living this life without helping them? That’s it. That’s the simple truth. I’m sorry.

“People don’t talk enough about how good it feels to be of service. It really selfishly makes you feel really good. It’s good for your ego. We should tell more people that that it makes you feel really good. You should do it because it makes you feel good. Every child should believe they are the center of the universe. If your child believes that right now, you’re doing a good job. We should teach children all over the world that they are beautiful and loved and deserve the simple basic things in life. All the stuff we’re talking about today and people will talk about feels really huge. Nothing is too big. Nothing can’t be tackled.”