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Are You in Energetic Alignment With Your Goals?
Energy and passion

Are You in Energetic Alignment With Your Goals?

A lot of us at times set ourselves goals that seem cool at the time, perhaps because our bestie or someone we admire is doing it, only to find ourselves getting nowhere fast. I've done this a lot over the years, and started many different projects that I was oh-so-positive were "my thing" … only to realize each time that they weren’t! 

Eventually, I learned that success comes far more easily when we are driven by a higher purpose and have worked out why the goals we set matter to us. Because unless we’re in energetic alignment with our goals, we’ll always struggle to achieve them.

Are you in energetic alignment with your goals?

Are You in Energetic Alignment With Your Goals?

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

- Oprah Winfrey (more quotes)

What does energetic alignment feel like?

Imagine for a moment you have a best friend who’s always had a penchant for quirky jewelry. She has such a passion that she begins making her own. Every spare moment she has is spent in antique stores “researching” different ideas and scouring flea markets for unique trinkets she can add to her own designs. She loves every minute of it. She thinks nothing of coming home from her day job and losing herself in 4-5 more hours of creativity. Her weekends are a blur of her fingers twisting together bright sparkly things. As soon as she started wearing her own pieces, women began stopping her on the street to ask where she got them, and saying they just had to have one. She begins taking orders and soon, through word of mouth, she has an incredible side hustlethat allows her to leave her day job, and create divine one-off designs, full time!  

Now imagine that you’re so in awe of the lifestyle your friend has created for herself that you decide you're also going to start your own jewelry line. Your friend made it look so easy after all! Except, when you try to get into it, you find it just doesn’t happen for you. 

Why? Because you set a goal that wasn't in energetic alignment with your true passions and desires. It's just not you.

Here are ten reasons why people who in energetic alignment with their goals will have greater success:

1. They have a vision for their life

They clearly know what they want, why they want it and what it’s going to feel like when they get it. They understand it's not enough to just know what they "don't want."

People who achieve their dreams fall in love with their vision. They live and breathe it years before ever achieving it and in doing so, they tap into unseen forces and harness their inner resolve, creativity and confidence.

2. They take care of their dreams as though their life depends on it

In fact, they deeply understand it does. They know their happiness depends on achieving what they set out to do, and that giving up is not an option. They realize their time here is short and that time in front of the TV, on social media, and with anything else that does not bring them one step closer to achieving their dream, is simply a distraction.

3. They understand their beliefs are not fixed

People who achieve their dreams realize they can change their self-image and beliefs whenever they choose. They understand that while we are influenced by the beliefs that are instilled in us as children, at a certain point, we can all choose the beliefs that will move us in the direction of our dreams.

Being in energetic alignment with your goals - Choose the beliefs that serve you

4. They cultivate patience and perseverance

People who achieve their dreams know that nothing happens overnight, and that the road to success doesn't follow a straight line. They're committed to the long haul, and don't let setbacks and bumps along the road divert them from their goal.

5. They take self-care seriously

People who take inspired action know the right things to eat and drink for their own well-being. They make the time to exercise because they understand how much further it brings them. They go to bed and get up at times they’ve worked out bring out the best in them mentally, emotionally and physically.

6. They have a spiritual practice

They bring their dreams to life by simply focusing on the joy it brings them and others, and they can’t imagine their life any other way. They know how to tune into that “something else” that keeps pulling them forward, particularly on the days where the rest of us would give up. They take time each day to give thanks, and to enjoy some sort of spiritual practice such as meditation, time out in nature or a combination of the two.

7. They’re playful

Dream-builders bring fun, openness, and a love of life to everything they do. Playfulness is what helps them build confidence and momentum.

8. They ask the right questions

This goes for the questions they ask of others, but more importantly the ones they ask of themselves. They know the kinds of creative questions that will get them out of a funk, slay their dragons and get them back into a flow where the magic happens.

9. They’re willing to do what others are not

There are times when their intuition tells them to do something that makes absolutely no sense on paper or to those around them. But they're not afraid to take the path of most resistance and pursue the less comfortable option. They manifest their dreams because they are able to stand strong even when everyone is calling them crazy.

Think of Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Oprah, Beyonce, little Grace VanderWaal and everyone else who achieves their dreams on their own terms.

10. They have a deep faith

People who make their dream a reality believe the universe has their back. They understand that serendipity and chance are what happen after they've done the work and lined up all their ducks.

The takeaway

Success comes far more easily when you work out why your goals are important to you, and are driven by a higher purpose -- not by what others are doing, no matter how "cool" it is!

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