Arnold Schwarzenegger – Work Your Butt Off

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains how he got back up after he failed to win at Mr. Olympia and how he had to work hard to get to where he is.


“I was in this strange little hotel, and I just lost the competition. I cried all night. I was this 21-year-old kid, and I was crying all night. But, then eventually I got back again and kept thinking about, “What am I doing in America?” I’m here to beat all of the American bodybuilders. I’m here to beat all of the bodybuilders all over the world. So let’s get our act together. There will be payback time.

It is so important that you work your but off. Don’t ever look for shortcuts. You have to recognize that there are 24 hours a day. We sleep six hours a day. I know there are some of you that say, “Wait a minute, I take more time to sleep.” I say, “Just sleep faster, okay? Because you should only spend six hours in bed because otherwise it’s a waste of time, and then you have 18 hours left.” Most people work, let’s say, eight or 10 hours. So now you still have eight hours left. “What do we do with these eight hours?”, is really the question.

So this is when you have to study and learn something new. The key thing is, is to keep in mind what is your goal, and keep looking at that as you get up and dust yourself off. Okay?”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger