When a photo of Eduardo Rafael doing his homework on the streets went viral, a stranger changed his life forever.

Eduardo Rafael’s passion for learning and his drive to become an engineer is so strong he wouldn’t let his family’s circumstances stop him.

Then one day, someone noticed the boy’s go-getter attitude and stepped in to help him.

How a Boy Worked Hard Towards His Dream Despite Everything

boy in a blue shirt doing homework on the ground

Marked by poverty, Rafael’s childhood left him with little choice but to accompany his mother, Yolanda Hernández, and his younger sister on the streets of Tarímbaro, Mexico, selling sweets to make ends meet.

The 12-year-old worked alongside his family and they lived in a small dwelling that did not have the best living conditions, but the he refused to let his circumstances hold him back.

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Undeterred by the hard pavement and harsh weather, every day Rafael completed his homework amid the hustle and bustle of the streets. Rafael’s unwavering determination and resilience kept him going during the hardest times.

His mother wanted the best for him and his sister and did everything she could to support them so they could finish their studies and pursue higher education. But times were tough, and she was worried, not knowing things were about to change for her family.

An image of Rafael doing his homework on the pavement captured the hearts of thousands when it went viral on social media. People were moved by the image of a child so committed to his education despite the challenges he faced.

How a Stranger Stepped Up to Change a Young Boy’s Life

man giving a scholarship to a little boy

A generous stranger was so touched by Rafael’s determination, he stepped forward to offer support. He was impressed after learning the boy’s average grade was 9 or “Very Good.”

The stranger was Alberto Frutis Solís, the Secretary of State Education, and he offered the boy a scholarship and supplies to help him achieve his dream of becoming an engineer.

He even promised to look for more children in similar situations and provide them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

Rafael was thrilled when he learned about the scholarship.

“I was happy when I found out. I didn’t know, suddenly they came and started taking photos of me . . . I went with my mom, then they came over and explained the reason to me.”

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Solís called the boy “outstanding” and assured people he would support him for the rest of his school career.

His mother expressed gratitude for the help from the Ministry of Education and said her son’s scholarship had given them hope for a better future. Despite their financial struggles, she has always instilled in her children the importance of education and hard work.

She said the widespread sharing of her son’s photo did not bother her because it brought attention to their plight and led to the help they so desperately needed.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Rafael never gave up on his dreams. And thanks to the kindness of a stranger, he has the opportunity to continue his studies and pursue a brighter future.

What a great reminder that even in the darkest circumstances, perseverance, determination and kindness can make a difference.