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Bradley Cooper: Trust Your Instinct
Bradley Cooper: Trust Your Instinct
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Bradley Cooper: Trust Your Instinct

Bradley Cooper - Go with Your Gut

Actor Bradley Cooper talks about a moment of fright and insecurity he felt while getting ready to ask Robert De Niro a question, and how in the end it served as a reminder to always go with your gut.


"I was terrified, and I wanted to ask this specific, random question about Awakenings, and right before it came to my ... because you have to say before that you want to, and they pass you the mic, so I thought, 'Ah. This is going to be a stupid question, and he's going to say, "Why would you ask that stupid question?"', and so I thought, 'I'll just ask some bullshit question about The Mission and riding a horse. Then somebody went up and asked a question about The Mission right before my question."


"I thought, 'Oh no.' The next thing I know it's my turn. I'm standing up, and I'm looking at my idol 30 feet away. Then I just asked the question that I wanted to about Awakenings. How are you doing, Mr. De Niro? My name's Bradley Cooper. My question's regarding Awakenings. He said, 'Good question.' It blew me away, and I thought ... It was just a little reminder of just go with your gut. You know? There's a reason why you think the way you do and want to do the things you do. You just can't let anybody tell you, 'Don't do it,' but especially you. Don't allow you to tell you not to do it. The loudest voice that's a contrarian is usually me, and all these little moments of confirmation that that voice should just shut up allows you to just do what you're supposed to do while you're here."

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