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Bride Who Lost Her Dad Is Unable to Have a Father-Daughter Dance - Little Did She Know, Her Brothers Had Something Planned
Brothers Create Heartwarming Father-Daughter Dance for Grieving Bride
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Bride Who Lost Her Dad Is Unable to Have a Father-Daughter Dance - Little Did She Know, Her Brothers Had Something Planned

A wedding day, a celebration of love etched with moments of joy, often includes a sentimental dance between a bride and her father.

For Kaley West Young from Utah, the absence of her late father cast a shadow over this cherished tradition. Little did she know, her thoughtful brothers had a heartwarming surprise in store.

The Surprise the Bride’s Brothers Had Planned

bride dancing with her father
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Kaley, resigned to the fact that her father couldn't share this special dance, was caught off guard when, during her wedding, her brothers stepped in. The surprise began with one brother revealing Michael Bolton's Fathers and Daughters, a poignant choice that echoed through the room. One by one, Kaley's five older brothers took turns dancing with her, enveloping her in the love and memory of her departed father.

As the emotional bride swayed with her brothers, a recorded voice echoed through the venue — it was a message from her late father, David Jean West, who passed away in March 2015. "Hi Kaley! My name is Dave West, and I’m Kaylie’s dad. And I love her very much, 1,800 times worth," her father's voice resonated, adding a layer of profound emotion to the already tearful moment.

"I was completely in shock. I know people joke about having an out-of-body experience but that is what it truly was being in the middle of the ballroom and surrounded by my family, and my husband’s family, and our friends and people we care about with my brothers stepping up," Kaley shared in a post-wedding interview. "It was an incredible moment."

Days later, the heartwarming video was shared on social media, catching the attention of Andy Young, the songwriter and award-winning vocalist behind Fathers and Daughters. He reached out to Kaley and her brothers, expressing his gratitude and saying, "I’m humbled and honored that the west brothers choose my song #FathersandDaughters to dance with their sister Kaley at her wedding. Their video brought me to tears."

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Kaley, still in disbelief that they caught Michael Bolton’s attention, expressed her gratitude. "I was in complete disbelief that he saw (the video), and it’s very touching for him to even respond. It was very kind of him and it made that moment even more special."

Her older brother, Kevin West, revealed the meticulous planning that went into the surprise. "A few months back, we told Kaley we had a surprise for her and that we were working on something but we kept it a surprise the entire time," Kevin explained. The brothers sifted through memories, incorporating sound bites from their father's home videos into Bolton's song.

For Kaley, this touching tribute is a reminder of the enduring power of love. "This video isn’t about me or my family; it’s about the most important thing in life which is our loved ones," she expressed. "Every single person experiences loss, or will experience loss, in those moments can be deep sorrow and despair. However, I want it to be a reminder that you are never alone. Love transcends beyond the physical body and whoever is going through a great loss, no matter what it may be, you are never alone and you are loved."

In the poignant dance with her brothers, Kaley found solace, turning what could have been a moment of sorrow into a celebration of enduring love. In her words, "Love transcends beyond the physical body," and indeed, the love she shared with her father lived vibrantly in that room, making her wedding day unforgettable.

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