“That was the first time that I think I had seen her so happy.”

It’s been a tough road for Kyla and her family.

It all started with an ophthalmologist appointment in August 2021 to try to discover the reason behind the then 4-year-old’s stumbling and frequent headaches.

Turns out, it was a parent’s worst nightmare. After performing emergency brain surgery to remove a 3-inch mass, doctors diagnosed Kyla with medulloblastoma — an aggressive brain tumor. It was cancer.

Upon hearing the devastating news, her parents, Jeff and Laura Gould, contacted St.Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

It would become their home away from home for the next few months.

Brave 4-Year-Old’s Long Fight Against Cancer

According to St.Jude, medulloblastoma is the most common malignant brain tumor affecting children. There are approximately 500 new cases diagnosed in children in the United States each year.

Survival rates vary, up to 70%, depending on whether or not it has spread.

Thankfully, after more than ten grueling months of multiple surgeries (including brain and eye surgery), lab tests, radiation, various therapies, and chemotherapy treatment, Kyla’s tumor “had responded considerably.”

It was finally time to go home.

However, before leaving St. Jude, there was one last thing Kyla’s medical team had to do.

St.Jude Doctor Dresses Up as a Pink Unicorn for Patient’s “No More Chemo” Party

St. Jude doctor dressed as pink unicorn
Facebook/Laura Gould

At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, one of the most joyous days for patients is the day they finally finish chemotherapy. And to help them celebrate the momentous occasion, doctors and staff come together to host a “No More Chemo” party.

While all are special, Kyla’s pediatric neuro-oncologist, Dr. Santhosh Upadhyaya, and her mom whipped up an extra-special treat for the brave little warrior.

On the day of Kyla’s party, Dr. Santhosh was pumped. Or rather, pumped-UP — donning an inflatable life-sized pink unicorn costume complete with a rainbow mane and tail.

The heartwarming encounter was captured on video and shared on social media where it has understandably gone viral. Because it is the sweetest thing EVER.

The Heartwarmingly Epic Moment Caught on Tape

The video shows Dr. Santhosh (or should we say Dr. Unicorn), enter the room while Kyla sits on her hospital bed, adorably dressed in a festive pink tutu.

The “super excited” girl is so delighted to see him that she immediately gives him the biggest hug.

“I was just wondering how Kyla is going to react and, is she even going to recognize me in this outfit?” Dr. Santhosh told PEOPLE about the moment. “That was the first time that I think I had seen her so happy.”

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But the party wasn’t over quite yet. The St.Jude staff then proceeded to serenade the little girl with a rousing rendition of the ’80s throwback jingle for Oscar Meyer Bologna, with a few lyric changes, singing:

“Our patients have the cutest…S-M-I-L-E.

Our patients have the sweetest…H-E-A-R-T.

Oh, we love to see you every day, but now’s the time we get to say…

pack up your bags, get out the door, you don’t get chemo anymore!”

And ended it with a bang, cheering and showering the girl with confetti.

It’s So Much More Than Just a Party

“No More Chemo” parties only last about five to 10 minutes, but their significance for kids like Kyla is huge.

“It’s not just a celebration for them,” Dr. Santhosh said. “It is kind of many times the feeling, ‘Okay now we have conquered the cancer and hopefully this will not come back.'”

Not only is it a way to acknowledge the immense courage and resilience shown by young cancer survivors but it is a moment of hope and optimism for them and their families.

The party marks a major milestone in their journey toward healing and recovery. A journey that will hopefully continue for many years to come. And thanks to the kindness of Dr. Santhosh, it is a milestone that Kyla will never forget.