self awareness theory

How To Improve Self-Awareness: A Comprehensive And Practical Guide

True self-awareness is an ongoing process but it is not as easy as it looks. However, the benefits of the practice are worth the effort.

150 Meaningful Spiritual Quotes About Love, Life and Healing

150 meaningful spiritual quotes about love, life and healing. "I believe, and therefore anything is possible."
Yoga meditation in water

I Took a Break From Meditation and the Results Surprised Me

Earlier this year, I attended my first Vipassana retreat. From 4am to 9pm for 10 days, with brief stops for breakfast and...

Why You Should Be Using Reflective Meditation for Accelerated Growth

Meditation has an abundance of practical uses for accelerated personal and spiritual growth. One of the most fruitful practices is deliberate self-reflection....

5 Celebrity Meditation Techniques That Can Help You Reshape Your Life

A lot of people never try meditation because they’re worried they’ll do it wrong. But like making a cup of coffee or...

Kick Your Stress to The Curb With This Cutting-Edge Meditation App

If you’re like most hard-working Americans, anxiety is bringing you down. It can be a distracting, painful, life-disrupting nuisance. After a certain point you probably feel like you’ve tried everything, and have resigned yourself to a life of feeling vaguely uneasy about every one of your responsibilities. That is, until this lifetime subscription to Aura Health came along.

4 Tips for Using Writing as Meditation I Learned from “Writing Down the Bones”

Nowadays, it’s impossible to talk about mental health or even self-improvement without mentioning meditation in the same breath. But I’ve taught meditation for a while...

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